Sunday, September 2, 2012

Naked by Raine Miller

Brynne Bennett is a beautiful American student who has left her home in the states to live in London.  As a university student living in England for the past few years, Brynne has managed to create a new life, forge new friendships and embarked on a new adventure posing as a nude model to subsidize her income.  She has turned her life around, while leaving her wretched past and all it’s trauma behind.  But, Brynne quickly learns that she can never escape the demons.  Nightmares and scars can hide, but can never be forgotten.  And now, that her fears have come back to haunt her, some nefarious characters threaten her life.  In order to secure her well being, Brynne’s dad takes every measure to uphold her safety.

Enter Ethan Blackstone. The charismatic sophisticated Special Forces turned Securities Specialist hero chosen to protect Brynne.  SauvĂ© and debonair, he is the epitome of charm, wealthy beyond imagination and is devilishly handsome.  To top all that off… Ethan oozes raw sex appeal and is one hell of a dominating, filthy mouth alpha.  His problem? He becomes infatuated with Brynne by merely seeing her naked photograph on display in an art gallery.  Ethan infatuation spurs the need to possess Brynne – the need to claim her in all ways, not just for her protection. In true alpha form, Ethan goes all “caveman” in his obsession of Brynne. 

Falling hard and fast for each other, this couple sizzles up some of the steamiest and passionate escapades I have ever read.  To notch up the heat factor… Ethan’s dirty pillow talk made me swoon.   Their sexual chemistry is definitely off the charts.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the beginning of Ethan and Brynne’s sexcapades.  “Naked”, although a fast and dirty read, had it all… romance, mystery, suspense and drama.  It ends in a cliffy, leaving me wanting more. I want more of their backgrounds, their secrets and more of Ethan’s powerful and cocky character.  I could not get enough of his dominating and passionate ways.  I’m looking forward to the next installment and digging deeper into their relationship.