Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Return to Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review
Located on the banks of the Hudson River, approximately 90 miles north of New York City, lies the scenic town of Poughkeepsie.  A town which is home to three brothers, bonded not by blood, but by their circumstances, their past and their destiny. "Return to Poughkeepsie" is the continuing story of  Blake, Cole and Beckett’s lives, their growing families and their romances. 

All I can say is WOW - this story is chock full of action and there is never a dull moment. Continuing the original story line from “Poughkeepsie”, with added characters and plots, “Return to Poughkeepsie” is a riveting tale.  Caught my full attention from the first line to the last word. 

Blake and Olivia

I enjoyed taking a glimpse into Blake and Livia’s marriage and their beautiful family.  Livia's focus now are her children, but she always finds the time for husband, passion and romance. Their love is true and became stronger over the years. Blake’s character is vastly different than the man  were first introduced to.  Well, he is still the sexy, green eyed hunk I fell in loved with from the moment he appeared on the train station platform. However, Blake evolved into a strong-willed man whose main focus is providing for and protecting his family. He is a career musician.  He no longer fears the sun, he basks in it. He is a perfect lover to his wife, a loving father to his children and always loyal to his brothers. Blake proves his ultimate strength when the unimaginable happens and Livia’s life is threatened, setting panic and fear into all of their lives. Blake conquers his fears, proving he is a brave man and a true hero. 

Emme and Baby Kellan

Cole and Kyle

Cole and Kyle, although madly in love with each other, have fallen on difficult times. Trying to start a family has not come easy, and these two have suffered such emotional pain. My heart goes out to them, fertility issues can absolutely test the strength of a marriage. But Cole, forever faithful to his belief in God, manages to hold their bond together and prevents Kyle from totally falling apart. Hope is on the horizon for them, that is Cole’s prayer, and he will stop at nothing to make it their reality.

Beckette “Beck” and Eve

Beck, a man without a home. Exiled from his beloved Poughkeepsie and living life as a fugitive. Beck is forced to roam and plant new roots in Maryland. His only true companion now is a dog named Gandhi. Beck starts his life anew as an average man earning an honest living while vowing to become a better man worthy of Eve’s heart. It take five long years for Beck to return home, but he is a changed man. Summoned back to help his brothers in need, Beck reluctantly turns back to his old ways. But, his character is more human & less nefarious. He has changed for the better & worthy to reclaim his girl. 

“I love you, Eve...I want to make love to you, without pain, I want to make love to you, the woman I just watched dreaming...I want to build things for you, give you a reason to be soft. Give you a reason not to reach for a fucking gun when you open your eyes.” 

“...I’m not worth your heart yet, but I’m gonna be. Eve, the next time you see me, I’m going to be a man worth it.” 
Beckett’s course personality shines through brilliantly.  He is hysterical - the phrases that come out of his mouth crack me up.

“Arm yourself to the teeth of your balls.”
“No way, oh cadaverous one. Get your own monster bitch. She’s with me till the end.”
“Pinch your fucking nipples or I’ll cut them off.
Beck, he has got a poetic way with words.

Eve, by far, was my favorite character is the story.  

I love a badass, tough girl who takes no shit and stands up for herself.  That’s Eve, a no-nonsense woman who is totally fearless.  Her character becomes darker and more lethal in this story. Life becomes nothing more than surviving one heart ache after another.  She has endured years sadness and loneliness without Beck, and has grown more ferocious towards those she considers her enemies. And her list of adversaries is long. I admire her tenacity and her sense of vigilante justice. This girl has balls. 

When these two lovers mate, it is brutal, primal and animalistic. An erotic display of two alphas battling for supremacy.  Their love making is absolutely barbaric and intense....involving biting, strangling, scratching, pushing, clawing, pulling - the aftermath looking like a crime scene...yowsa! It takes most of the book for Eve and Beck to get their groove on, but it is worth the wait. 

We are introduced to some new characters...  


A good cop haunted by the demons from his past (a road which leads back to Beckett) and tortured by a crazy ass girlfriend who is driving him insane.  He makes the mistake of falling for Eve, but that doesn’t quite work out for him. Poor guy is plagued by bad luck in all areas in his life - personal and professional.  I hope to see more Ryan in the next installment, or perhaps get his own book with a happily ever after included. 


What an insane bitch.  Maryellen is a conniving, wicked witch who created bedlam in Livia, Eve, Blake, Dr. Hartt, Ryan and Beckett’s lives - turning their world upside down. Everything she touches turned to shit and she left only devastation in her wake. She's a Botox filled venomous viper and I longed to see her painful demise.  Being set on Eve’s sights...I was not disappointed with the results of her downfall. 
Debra Anastasia’s “Return to Poughkeepsie” is a  well written, meticulously detailed story  involving some of my favorite storybook characters. I loved catching up with the happenings of their lives while having some laughs, enjoying sizzling erotic scenes, and bitting my nails during the tense, dark moments. Although there is no major cliff-hanger, there are definitely loose ends to tie up. I look forward to what is store in the upcoming sequel.  


  1. Wow, love the review and can´t wait for my chance to return to Poughkeepsie! =)
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  2. Thank you so much for this exceptional review. You are amazing!!

    1. Loved it....can’t wait for the next sequel!