Sunday, December 28, 2014

Surrendered (She Who Dares #3) by LP Lovell @Authorlplovell

4.5 Stars
Arc provided by author in exchange for an honest review

Surrendered is the last installment in the “She Who Dares” series and the continuing love story of the perfectly dysfunctional couple, Theodore Ellis and Lilly Parker. Finally, all secrets are revealed and questions that left me dangling in suspense at the end of Conquered have been answered. Lilly is a master when it comes to harboring secrets that are the reason her life is one crazy rollercoaster ride.

I will not divulge any spoilers in regards to Lilly’s past and the reasons why she has hidden herself behind sky-high concrete walls. But, once discovering the ghosts in her closet, I realized Lilly was justified in guarding her heart. She is a fighter and a survivor. I felt her pain that was cause by one hell of a horrific past. When she finally opens herself up to Theo, who is more than pleased to accept the burden of her sorrows, Lilly underwent a great character transformation. Don’t get me wrong, she is still the stubborn and sassy independent woman I’ve come to adore. However, a softer, gentler side of Lilly blossoms. This change allows her relationship with Theo to become solidified.

“You make me feel Theo, and I haven’t allowed myself to feel anything, good or bad for a long time. I just wanted to be numb. You terrify me, but you thrill me at the same time.” 

Theo still remains the sexy billionaire, but no longer a playboy. He is totally committed to Lilly and she becomes the center of his world. **SWOON** He’s more mature, more compassionate and takes his role as Lilly’s protector very seriously. Whether his actions to secure Lilly’s safety are right or wrong, he has claimed her fully and proved beyond a doubt that he would move heaven and earth to keep her safe and happy. In the prior installments, Theo managed to majorly tick me off with his lack of maturity and his selfish indiscretions. Happy to say that he has redeemed himself in my eyes in Surrendered to fully become the strong man Lilly needs. Albeit, his character growth it limited to how he handles and supports Lilly. Otherwise, Theo still has a callous streak in him that severely grates me nerves, especially in dealing with Cassie situation. He never managed to loose the asshole factor.

As far as the heat factor, Theo and Lilly are sizzling hot. Theo certainly knows how to satisfy his “Sugar” and set the sheets – or wherever they decide to screw - on fire.

“Two people who look like us can’t not f*ck sugar. It’s a fucking travesty to the human race.”

LP Lovell has a unique and descriptive writing style. It’s a perfect combination of sexy and witty. I liked seeing this story from both Lilly’s and Theo’s point of view. I really enjoyed this series and look forward to diving into her future works. Can’t wait to jump into Hugo’s world and really hope Harry gets the chance to tell his story.


Wild and Free (The Three #3) by Kristen Ashley @KristenAshley68

5 Brilliant Stars
Arc received from author in return for an honest review


What a magnificent finale to a kickass paranormal romance trilogy. This story was jam packed with amazingly hot…  




And a


Oh my!


I could not tear myself away from my kindle. Held my breath with each turn of the page. Unable to let go because I had the absolute need to see where this story was leading me. Totally consumed within the world Kristen Ashley has created. Once again, this author wowed me by penning yet another 5 star read. 

As in the first two novels (which I highly recommend reading prior to “Wild and Free”), the ongoing threat to enslave the human race is looming and it’s up to ‘The Three’ to help save the world, or die trying. The fate of mankind lies in the hands of three gifted couples - the Mighty Vampire Lucian and his human bride Leah. Super sexy King of the Werewolves Callum and his she-wolf queen Sonia. And Abel, part vampire, part wolf, all Alpha yumminess and his badass biker bitch Delilah. With Gregor at the helm, the stage is set, enemies have aligned, the ugliness of war is inevitable and all is at stake. ‘The Three’ have now come together and they are a force to be reckoned with.  
Wild and Free is so much more than Abel and Lilah’s romance. KA treats her fans to a saga filled with angst, plot twists and a dynamic cast of characters which brought me laughter, as well as to tears, while overwhelming me with sizzling passionate moments practically setting my kindle on fire. Now, just one Alpha hero with all their dominant ways and sexy talk is enough to send my heart racing. Imagine the intensity of four gorgeous men! Holy shit, the sexually lethal combination of Callum, Lucian, Abel and Yuri (YES! Yuri!! He was one sexy bastard), floored me. I swear my ovaries went into hyper–drive and exploded. They were like the supernatural Hot Bunch of the PNR world.

On a quest to find a way to fill the life long emptiness within her soul, Lilah is drawn to a small biker town, Serpentine Bay. She soon discovers her life is in danger and is attached by a wild pack of immortal bad guys. Her hero…a powerful and incredibly strong stranger. He’s handsome, he’s a biker badass and he freaks her the hell out as he claims her. 
Abel, sensing danger, is instinctively drawn to Lilah and saves her life. Clueless as to whom she is and the sudden need to protect her, he immediately finds the missing piece of his soul. For centuries he has been searching for someone to take away the constant yearning and pain. With one look at Lilah, Abel knows she’s the one. Together, they realize that destiny has united them, their souls are forever tethered with a connection so powerfully strong and they are the final couple fated by the prophesy of ‘The Three’. 

“Searchin’,” he whispered, his different colored eyes burning into mine. “My whole life, searchin’ for something, missing something, something I did not know. Until I found you. And my whole life is a long fuckin’ life to be needing something I could not find.”

Holy freaking hell, Abel was HOT! Take the intensity of Lucian, add the raw animal magnetism of Callum and sprinkle a heavy dose of a growling, sexy Chaos biker bad boy and voilĂ ! We have an over the top dirty talking hybrid with a sexual appetite that had me swooning.   He could be a major jerk at times, majorly pissing Lilah (and me) off, but Abel was tender, passionate and sweet. Each time he called Lilah ‘pussycat’ and ‘boa  bei' (meaning precious) I melted. 
”I love you too, bao bei, with everything I am, 
and I’ll do it until the sun falls from the sky”

What touched me the most was the air of sadness and lack of confidence that surrounded Abel. The more I saw into the depths of his character, the deeper I fell in love. Left abandoned by his parents, Abel was taken in by a loving Chinese family. Never encountering another supernatural, he felt misplaced, believing he was a monster. This pulled on my heartstrings as I ached for his pain. I was overjoyed seeing Abel’s journey of self-discovery, coming to understand the ways of both vampires and werewolves and realizing his life has meaning. No longer seeing himself as a monster, but the protector and lover of his life mate. 

Can I just say that as a heroine, Lilah totally rocked. The perfect compliment to Abel, she was funny, stubborn and sassy. She accepted her destiny instead of annoyingly fighting it (what a refreshing change from the typical female lead). Her character was nurturing, but with an edge of ‘tough love’. I respected the way she stood her ground when facing her fears and adversaries. And she was one hell of a fierce chick when someone dared to flip her biker bitch switch. I loved her and her crazy family (especially her dad, Hooker). I adored the way she loved Abel unconditionally, feeding him confidence and sharing her strength. Lilah has become one of my favorite female characters. 

The biggest surprise for me in this read was Yuri. Oh man, did he turn my feelings for him around. At first glance, Yuri was annoyingly arrogant. But let me tell you, his suave and sophisticated sexiness was highly erotic.  He was de-lish-ous. 

As much as this was a love story, Wild and Free focuses on the ugliness of war and the constant battle of good versus evil. This read was long (I love savoring an epic tale) with a constantly moving storyline. There’s a fair amount of brutality, which brought me to tears, bawling my eyes out as my emotions were sent into a tailspin, especially reading the epilogue. It’s no secret that Kristen Ashley’s passionate and intense novels touch my soul, but I am never prepared for how deeply her characters and their situations affect me.

It goes without saying that like the first two novels, Wild and Free was exceptionally written. I liked seeing this story told from various points of view throughout and loved the ingenious way the battle scenes were depicted. I should note that sexual boundaries were pushed a bit in a way I have never experienced from this author, which added a different and edgier level to her writing style. But regardless, this story captivated me with its romance, passion, and love of the heart, of family and of friends. A truly fantastic way to end a great series.