Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Promise (The 'Burg, #5) by Kristen Ashley

Arc received from author in exchange for an honest review

Five glorious stars for The Promise, another poignant love story from the imagination of Kristen Ashley. A magnificently written tale of passion, healing, hope and the importance of family. So moving, it lured me in, forming an instant bond with all the characters.  I have to say, this may be my favorite book in the ‘Burg Series! KA earned all five stars and more. Her brilliant story telling talents, the attention to detail, plot twists, character development and trademark epilogue made this read EPIC. Benito Alessandro Bianchi is one sexy Alpha - Strong, powerful, determined and dominating. He is my dream man.

We first meet Frankie and Benny in “At Peace”, which I would recommend reading before The Promise. But don’t fret if you haven’t. KA does an amazing job explaining their background and events from the past.

I fell desperately in love with Benny and all his passionate, Italian macho Alpha hotness. He is tender and sweet, yet a man of great strength. And whenever he calles Frankie “Tesorina”, it bought happy tears to my eyes. Italian for little treasure, the meaning behind that endearing sentiment means so much more. It signifies what a man like him values most and holds dear to his heart. Francesca is his treasure. And within its bounty holds the promise of love, happiness, the fulfillment of dreams and desires…sharing a life together. It pulled on my heartstrings. The way Benny unearthes the treasure he found in Frankie was truly beautiful. 

“You made me happy, tesorina.”

I adored Frankie’s persona. She is a woman who sacrifices all for those she loves. My heart ached for her, seeing all the sorrow she experiences. Her incredible character transformation touched my soul. Her determination and compassion was an inspiration.  She’s also sassy, feisty and takes no one’s bull.  Frankie may not be a full-blooded Italian, but she certainly inherited the hotheaded gene, and I loved it. Frankie is one spicy chick.

“Every day is a new promise, Ben, … Every night I go to sleep knowin’ it’s a promise, every day I wake knowin’ in some way it’s gonna be fulfilled. And repeat. 

And the best part…the passion they share. Benny fuels Frankie’s desire with blinding hot sex, he had me swooning and gushing with all his sexy dirty talk and dominating ways. Benny is a sensual man who knows how to take control in the bedroom – it was deliciously titillating. That alone made Benny one of my favorite Alpha heroes.

“Could fall asleep buried inside you.”

 Family and Food…
Why The Promise touched me so deeply

There is an intimate relationship between a writer and reader. When I enter a world created by Kristen Ashley, I embark on a wondrous journey meeting new characters and seeing their lives. But the attachments I formed with the Bianchi’s was greater than any I have ever encountered. The family dynamics, the bonds of affection shared between parents, children, and friends were all too familiar. This family mirrored my own. From holiday gatherings to Sunday dinners, KA’s depiction of the Italian – American lifestyle was remarkably beautiful.  Theresa, the matriarch who is the glue that holds them all together. Vinnie Senior, a man who guides his children and loves them despite their faults – a man of virtue and honor.  My feelings for them were so strong, as they embodied characteristics of my own parents.  Needless to say, this story ran the gamut of deep emotions for me.

And of course there’s the food. KA has the gift of making me extremely hungry and horny all at the same time.  She has the knack of evoking some pretty powerful urges ;)

The Promise was a magnificently written, moving love story that left me blissfully happy. Discovering new characters, visiting some old friends and an attention grabbing storyline made it a fantastic experience that I never wanted to end. I hope you enjoy The Promise as much as I have. Another great heart warming, arousing romance from the amazing Kristen Ashley. Bravo e Grazie, Bellisma!


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