Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Fantasy (A Desperate Man #1) Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

4 Stars

Arc received in exchange for an honest review 

Reading The Fantasy (A Desperate Man #1) was a head-trip and unlike anything I’ve read from author Ella Frank. Brooke Blaine’s work is new to me, but I’m a fan of Ella’s Exquisite series and come to like her sensual writing style. This story is by no means romantic. It was an introduction into the life and world of a man, Evan James, whose sex life is raw, primal, essential to his existence and desperately animalistic.

Evan has an addictive personality. His ‘drug’ of choice is sex – and he will take it in any way, shape or form. His obsession sets him on a path of self-destruction. Trying to piece the shatter remains of his life back together, he struggles greatly, allowing his baser instincts for sexual release to control his life. Evan’s character came across as both intelligent yet almost cave man like in his lustful search for satisfaction. Totally intrigued by the variety of ways he got his groove on. Adding to his troubles is an immediate unhealthy obsession with a woman he thoroughly screwed, Reagan Spencer. This all made an interesting beginning for what I hope will become a good series.

The story’s focus was on Evan’s sexual need and determination to reach an orgasmic ‘high’, helping him to escape reality and numb his pain.

Whether he gets his rocks off from a one-night stand, or in most cases, his own hand, it doesn’t really matter. Yep, this story was jam packed with lots of masturbation. Evan, a little lube and his palm were very entertaining to say the least. He gets an A+ for creativity. 

The Fantasy  was a raunchy ‘quick and dirty’ read, but I have to emphasize that it was very well written. Even though it lacked the element of love and not what a typically read, the plot did hold my interest. The ending left me with more questions than answers. Will they fall in love? Will Evan gain control of his life? Exactly who is Reagan Spencer? (There was some mystery surrounding her character). And more importantly, will they fall in love? I enjoyed reading this tiny morsel and looking forward to discovering more about this wild couple.

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