Thursday, April 17, 2014

Besieged (She Who Dares, #1) by L.P. Lovell

Arc provided by author in exchange for an honest review

4.5 Stars

On a friends recommendation I read Theo and Lilly’s story and….WOW! I was treated to a delightful surprise., I adored it! “Besieged” was a spicy, comical and drama filled read.

Theo, a dashingly sexy and obscenely wealthy manwhore, is living the high life. He’s a dedicated playboy, who greatly enjoys non-stop partying, clubbing, drinking and has a bevy of women at his command.
Being a successful business mogul in the spotlight, Theo is constantly plagued by the paparazzi. The world is at his fingertips and refuses to be tied down to one woman. The last thing he expected was falling in love… That all changed when he stumbles across the most ravishingly beautiful and seductive Lilly, the buxom redhead who turned his world upside down.

I have no idea why I'm so bloody obsessed with Lilly Parker. Perhaps it's just the classic case of wanting what you can't have. I want her, of course I do, what man wouldn't, but it's more than that, it's an all-consuming need to possess her in a way I've never felt before. She's challenging and outright antagonistic in a way that makes me feel as though I want to tame her. Never have I gone to such lengths over a woman. I’m having to convince her that she wants me for god’s sake. I close my eyes and I can hear her moaning as I taste that sweet pussy of hers. Her cries as she trembles against my tongue. Oh god. My cock stiffens immediately at the memory.

Lilly is quite the character.  I liked her personality ~ she’s witty, sassy, intelligent any refuses to take anyone’s crap.  Lilly is one tough cookie. She also happens to be the only woman who has rejected Theo’s charms – crashed and burned any hopes of a quick and dirty hook up time and time again.  Theo does not accept being put off and rises to the challenge of persuading Lilly to jump into his bed. He becomes obsessed, and will never give up until she succumbs to his will.

Lilly also shies away from commitment. One-night stands are common for her and she has no qualms rebuffing Theo’s advances, regardless of the fact that she finds him EXTREMELY attractive. She would love a romp in the hay with “sexier than hell” Theo, but her stubbornness gets in her way. Eventually, her body betrays her willpower. Once weakened by his charms Theo and Lilly set off an erotic display of fireworks. Their passion is set ablaze ~ in the office, in the bedroom, anywhere these two get together, they combust. Brilliant! 

But what started as casual sex evolved into something more. Theo experiences something new and foreign – FEELINGS!  Mr. Manwhore has fallen deep and is head over heals in love. * Swoon * There’s only one problem and that’s Lilly. Her past secrets prevent her from admitting she cares about Theo and thwart any hope of starting a real relationship.  She can buildup her emotional walls, run and hide, but is only fooling herself in denying she has fallen for him. Deep down, a fire has been lit and she hungers only for Theo.
I realise that while I've spent so long trying to build my walls and keep the world out, Theodore Ellis has besieged me. He hasn't broken my walls down, no, they're still firmly in place, but he has scaled them and now stands next to me inside my fortress.
Obviously there’s DRAMA…

Theo, of course, does something enormously stupid that comes back and bites him hard in the ass and sends Lilly off running. And now I am left hanging on a cliff wondering how the hell Theo will mange to overcome the shit storm he created. So, I am patiently waiting for “Conquered” to satisfy my desire for more Lilly and Theo…

I really enjoyed “Besieged”.  It was a fast-paced, gripping storyline and was very well written. Looking forward to reading more from debut author, LP Lovell, and the “She Who Dares” Series.