Friday, May 8, 2015

Kane's Hell by Elizabeth Finn

 4 Stars
ARC received from author in exchange for an honest review

Kane’s Hell was an emotionally gripping tale that absolutely gutted me. Elizabeth Finn has the ability to weave incredibly beautiful love stories with such intensity, angst, heartache and drama.

I have to confess, found myself stepping away from this read a few times, because it was difficult to absorb all the tragedies the main characters, Kane and Helene, endured as teenagers. It sent me reeling. Terror befell this couple and it saddened me greatly to see how it destroyed their lives and drove them apart. One night changed the course of their lives and their relationship, as they experienced a taste of hell at the hands of a madman. And be warned, some flashback scenes were disturbingly graphic, yet necessary to connect with each character’s pain.

My heart ached for both, when seeing their jovial spirit and friendship destroyed, especially Helene. Seeing her pain touched me. Although she is a strong heroine, it was tough witnessing her struggles, dealing with the aftermath and her solitude. Barely surviving, her only coping mechanism was to throw herself into her studies and her job. Kane’s abandonment left her with no other option, until he returned and fell back into her life.

Kane is a beautifully broken hero. At first, his man-whorish ways ticked me off and it took some time for me to look beyond his gritty and sometimes brutish character. I was angered that he left Helene alone to suffer silently for over eleven years. But that all changed when I dove deeper into his persona to see how guilt utterly consumed him. My adoration for Kane grew as I saw the extent of his pain and his journey towards healing. In a way, he suffered alone just as much as Helene. Above all, I wanted to reach in, grab hold and make all of Kane’s guilt, shame and troubles disappear.

Kane’s Hell is a deep, powerful love story of suffering devastation, forgiveness, hope and the healing power of love. There were moments of sadness, and moments of off the charts passion. The main character’s horrific tragedy brought me to the brink of tears and emotionally devastated me…only to be slowly pieced back together through Finn’s story telling magic.  As always with this author’s tales, be prepared for an intense ride.