Thursday, February 23, 2017

Pucked Off (Pucked #5) by Helena Hunting @HelenaHunting

I could not wait to get my hands all over Lance “Romance” Romero’s story. Seeing glimpses of this hot hockey player throughout the Pucked books, all his philandering ways, and his tumultuous relationship with the team’s ex-trainer (Tash), had me itching to see who would steel his man-whoring, bunny banging heart. In all honesty, I had a special girl in mind as his heroine and thank goodness my wishes came true! (I won’t say who she is; you’ll need to discover that on your own). The wait for this couple’s romance felt like forever, as this is one of my all-time favorite sports themed series. With greedy grabby-hands, I attacked Pucked Off the minute it hit my kindle, anxious for more hysterical over-the-top hijinks from Hunting’s loony characters. However, a few pages in I realized the story was taking a different turn.

It was totally unexpected and unlike anything I would have imagined for Lance…And I absolutely LOVED everything about it. From beginning to end, this story owned me. It was a far cry from the riotous and light-hearted romantic comedies I am used to when it comes to this series. Sure there were some funny moments and plenty of sexiness that I savored ~ Hunting’s trademark humor was lightly peppered throughout this read and Lance was adorable. I fell in love with this swoon-worthy and off-the-charts HOT Scotsman.
The door swings open, and my dick starts crying. Maybe a third whacking session would’ve been a good idea based on where all the blood has redirected itself in my body.

But there’s so much more to him...

Lance is a dynamic character haunted by past demons and painful secrets. His vulnerabilities, all his insecurities, his lack of self-worth, belief that he is unworthy of affection and happiness… everything about him pulled on my heartstrings and had me aching to see his brokenness healed. So moved by Lance’s torments, I wanted to crawl inside the story, wrap my arms around him and make everything better. That’s how moved I was by his heartaches. It was going to take an extraordinarily patient type of girl to help Lance move beyond his sorrows. It was heartwarming seeing how this couple’s relationship blossomed – from flashbacks of first kisses they shared long ago, to building trust, a friendship and true love.


I wrap my arm around her and pull her closer. I don’t know why I can handle her touching me when I’ve never been able to handle anyone before. It’s like she connects to some part of me I didn’t know was there. 

The serious tone and Lance’s circumstances may have taken me totally by surprise, but the journey to discovering the amazing hero he proved to be and the sweet girl that stole his heart both devastated and overwhelmed me. Both vulnerable and dealing with their own hang-ups, they were perfect together. And Lance, the perfectly flawed former manwhore, was beyond sweet and incredibly romantic. He stole my heart and certainly became my favorite hero in this series!

I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this publication

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Preston’s Honor by Mia Sheridan @MSheridanAuthor

  5 Stars

I’ve read Preston’s Honor days ago and the story still haunts me. So much so, I needed to read it again hoping my emotions would stay in check the second time around.

I was seriously wrong. 

It’s difficult for me to let this story and these characters go as it still has me feeling like a sobbing emotional mess. I really shouldn’t be surprised at this point. After reading all of Sheridan’s tales, I know full well that her somber romances ~ heaping with love, lust, passion, angst and pain ~ wreck me each time. It’s what her stories do.

However, Preston’s Honor nearly destroyed me. I felt battered, bruised and abused as Sheridan ripped out my heart, flayed it open, tossed it to the ground and stomped on it… before placing the shattered pieces of me back together again. I relished every moment experiencing Preston and Annalia’s soul crushing journey. They told a story filled with so much beauty and pain, it overwhelmed me. Although I adored the hero Preston grew to be, it was the heroine ~ my sweet innocent Lia, who seized my heart and completely annihilated me.

Taking me from childhood and through the decades, this is a story about a poor and neglected little girl and her love for twin boys. Preston, the serious one who owned her heart and soul from the moment they met; And Cole, a dear friend who was like an older, protective brother. Together, they all made mistakes and perpetuated misunderstandings that had me on edge. These characters’ experiences pulled on my heartstrings while I searched deep within my soul to find forgiveness for all their faults and egregious misjudgments. All along, I felt their anguishes, losses, joys and tragedies as if they were my own. Needless to say, my emotions were twisted throughout this read.

 "Yes, I loved two brothers-identical twins-but it was only one soul that spoke to mine. One soul I'd always belonged to."

The Prologue had me on pins and needles as it described Lia’s situation, which made me uneasy. She made some terrible decisions that did not sit well with me. But as Sheridan held my hand guided me through the tale, I opened up to Lia. I understood her mindset, saw all her demons, and it did not take long for Lia to earn my affections. Seeing all that she had endured, as well as the way she worked to regain Preston’s (and my) trust and forgiveness, I could not help but love her character. Lia’s a victim of terrible circumstances and seeing her life made my heart bleed. I loved her strength, her determination to persevere, and her forgiving nature. She truly was a remarkable heroine.

And Preston... the sweet little boy I fell in love with grew up to be broody, sexy and extremely stubborn. His character constantly struggled to do what was right and just, failing at times, but his love for Annalia was sincere and immeasurable. He made so many blunders, which shattered Lia I was utterly heartsick. Nevertheless, he turned out to be a hero worthy of her affections.

Reading Preston’s Honor set me off on an emotional roller-coaster ride. This was Sheridan at her very best ~ her flawless writing style, the way she developed her characters, the captivating plot, the passion and heartache she evoked – it all touched me deeply. Bravo Mia and thank you for another wonderful read. Preston and Lia’s story will stay with me for a very long time.

 I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this publication