Sunday, December 2, 2012

All In by Raine Miller

And the saga continues… But with a twist! We are treated to Ethan’s POV. YAY!

“All In” picks up where “Naked” left off. I am happy to say that Ethan is just as sexy as I remembered – totally yummy. I truly missed his filthy mouth and excited to report he is raunchier than ever.

All in is Ethan’s strategy – His heart is all in the game and the stakes are high.  Being a gambler, he knows how high the risks are, and the payout is the possession of Brynne, if he plays his hand smart.

“All of your things are still there waiting for you. Just know this… I have no intentions of letting you go… If you come with me you’re signing on for all of me, Brynne. I don’t know any other way to be with you. It’s all in for me. And I want it to be all in for you too.”
“All in?” She brought her palm to my cheek and held it there, her questioning look so genuine.
I turned my lips to press them into the palm of her hand as she held my face. “A poker term. Means to bet everything you have on the cards you’re holding. You’re what I’m holding.”

Brynne has all of Ethan – she owns him heart, body and soul. Ethan will stop at nothing to protect her.  His love for Brynne is all consuming and experiencing their journey from his POV introduced me to a different side of Ethan.  There are cracks in his armor… he displays confidence, but there’s his underlying fear.  He is a cocky S.O.B. but underneath lays a man utterly in love to the point of desperation.

More secrets come to light, introducing a better insight to Brynne hidden past, her fears, traumas and heartache and it is up to Ethan to guard her and shield her from the forces trying to destroy her.

But, Ethan’s clandestine past has yet to be revealed. And, the more secrets are unraveled, the more mystery and intrigue lies beneath.  I’m left hanging again… waiting to see what turn of events and plot twists are in store for this sexy couple.