Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Break the Sky by Nina Lane @NinaLaneAuthor

4.5 stars
Arc received from author in exchange for an honest review

Nina Lane is a gifted writer whose talents magically place me within her story. She wields absolute power over my emotions by forcing me to experience the joy, passion and heartache of all of her characters. Lays a path I know will not be easy, but will always be beautiful. “Break the Sky” is no different. Archer and Kelsey’s romance is one laced in desire, pain and self-discovery. How I do enjoy savoring a tale of fractured souls, weathering life’s storms, striving to find their inner strength and love. Once again, Lane’s novel does not disappoint.

Archer West is a down right sexy and rebellious tattooed bad boy.  Kelsey March is an atmospheric scientist/professor whose tornado-tracking project is on the brink of being shut down. On a chance meeting, erotic sparks fly and their attraction is so powerful, so carnal, it’s consuming. Their lives are worlds apart, but together their sexual chemistry is raw, tumultuous and cataclysmic. 

I fell in love with Archer almost instantaneously. I have a special place in my heart for deliciously handsome and wild bikers. I could not resist his charms; Archer wormed his way into my heart with all his dirty pillow talk and larger than life character. However, what sets him apart from the stereotypical “bad boy” is his gentleness. He is not one of those Alphas whose asshole-ish ways piss me off only swoon when he finds redemption. He possesses a definite edge with tenderness so sweet it overwhelmed me. The way he is so in tune with Kelsey’s fears and understands her needs was heartwarming. And when is comes to sex, Archer is a take-charge type of man. Total Alpha - dominating and an incredibly demanding lover – off the charts hotness.  

Archer is a complex character. I loved seeing the world through his eyes.  His life experiences, events from his childhood, family dynamic and unpleasant past, made him the man Kelsey is drawn too.  His background and secrets buried in his childhood memories pulled on my heartstrings. I was overcome with the urge to reach out and comfort him. His rough persona barely skims the surface – beauty lies underneath all his ruggedness and the way he loves and evolves was admirable. He is a magnificent Alpha hero. This is one of the many reasons I love Lane’s tales – her attention to details and tapping into emotions lures you into the lives of her characters. It’s brilliant.

Kelsey is sassy, stubborn and a bit dramatic. Can’t blame her, her professional career is careening out of control and she is attracted to a man she believes is totally wrong for her. (Fighting her desire to Archer is an understatement). Kelsey is a tough nut to crack – a perfect challenge for the likes of Archer. Now, I appreciate the angst and chase… the push and pull a couple works through. But, I felt at times Kelsey was a tad too insensitive towards Archer. Found myself frustrated with her character a few times throughout the story. Never the less, I respected her strength. She was a perfect complement for a multifaceted man like Archer.

I like the use of symbolism Lane weaves into her tales.  Their love affair mimics the tornado – stormy, intense and turbulent. The writer’s use of metaphors gives great insight into her characters’ psyche and leads you to understand what lies within the depths of their souls.  

I truly enjoyed “Break the Sky”. Written in dual point of view gave me more insight into the characters, making them more intriguing, and easier to make connections with. Lane has an exquisite writing style, providing detailed scenes in which I felt all the passion, heat, sorrow, love and joy both Archer and Kelsey experienced. Her stories stir a powerful range of emotions. If you are looking for a read that will capture your heart and touch your soul, I highly recommend “Break the Sky”.


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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hopeful by Louise Bay @louisesbay

3.5 – 4 stars
Arc received from author in exchange for an honest review

Hopeful is a cute, lighthearted second chance at romance, feel good love story. Louise Bay presents a sweet tale of college sweethearts falling in love, yet sadly drifting apart.  The beauty of a lonely woman journeying through life hoping to cope with her choices, move forward and repair a fractured relationship with one of the most important people in her world.

Joel and Ava, best friends and college sweethearts living in London, were young and head over heals in love. Being entwined in a close circle of judgmental friends, Ava believed it was best to hide their relationship.  Never the less, their feelings were true and they shared some pretty steamy nights together.  All seem well until circumstances tore them apart. Joel moved to New York and embarked on a successful career. Never wanting to be apart from Ava, Joel begged her to follow and live happily ever after. Ava found she could not leave her home, thus their relationship came to an end. But Joel remained forever in her heart. After eight long years, Joel has returned home. And this sets a chain of events turning Ava’s life upside-down, urging her to set a path and move on.

Ava was a peculiar yet likeable character.  I felt she was a bit  too insecure, immature and preoccupied with the opinions of her friends rather than being concerned about her feelings.  But as the story progressed, Ava’s managed to sort herself out, finding her inner strength by showing everyone in her life her true feelings for Joel.  Her character blossomed late in the story, but had me cheering as she fought hard to overcome her struggles.

I adored Joel and admired his confidence, strength and determination. But, found myself wanting to know more about him, his inner thoughts, and what was going on in his life during their time apart. I felt his pain in longing for Ava. On pins and needles hoping he could break through barriers and overcome obstacles.. Joel was a sexy and charming book boyfriend and a perfect match for  befuddled Ava.

Hopeful is a delightful, fast paced love story. Told from Ava’s point of view, we see their beginning relationship grow from a friendship into infinite love. Bay gives us a glimpse from both past and present tense and the transition between the time periods was masterfully written. An enjoyable story of eternal love, passion, life long friendships and discovering inner strength.