Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rare and Precious Things by Raine Miller

Arc provided by author in exchange for an honest review
4 out of 5 Stars

Mr. Blackstone is back and he is as charming and sexy as ever.  The continuing love story of Ethan and Brynne is a scorching hot read filled with romance, angst, passion and answers to questions that left me dangling at the end of “Eyes Wide Open”.

Ethan, being a true Alpha, holds nothing back in “Rare and Precious Things”.  From a fairytale wedding night, to a beautiful honeymoon, Ethan proves to be the most romantic husband every woman dreams of.

As a soon to be dad, Ethan shows Brynne his sweet, gentle side.  How he constantly tends to her every need while still the ever-persistent dirty talker, is adorable. All that, and oozing even more sensuality than ever before, is all Brynne needs to help her through one of the most bitter-sweet times of her life.  Still mourning the violent passing of her father, as well as being kidnapped by a crazed lunatic, should have Brynne spinning out of control.  But it is Ethan’s love and looking forward to the life and family they are building together, which keeps her grounded. It is here where her character grows stronger, thanks to Ethan’s support. In exchange, Brynne eases the darkness that threatens to consume Ethan.  These two broken souls heal one another.
There are some nefarious characters, which re-enter their lives and try to disrupt Byrnne and Ethan’s happiness.  They mainly focus on Byrnne and the ugliness she had suffered in the past. But, with her husband’s assistance, she becomes stronger, more powerful and more in control of her emotions.  Her faith in their love and marriage gives her the courage to move forward.

However, Ethan is facing a more difficult time handling the ghosts from his past. His nightmares are becoming worse and more frequent.  The burden of carrying so much guilt, for events that were out of his control, is becoming too much for Ethan to bear. It is   Brynne’s love that helps him to cope with all the darkness that consumes his soul, and she becomes his salvation.

In the hours of the darkest kind, Brynne has ever been my light. My lover who saw inside my battered soul and freed me.

My beautiful girl let me know, and showed me, yet again, what a rarity I possessed in her love, as she had from the very first. Rare.
Brynne’s love was something rare—a gift. A precious gift I’d been given, by some divine twist of fate that had brought her into my world…and changed everything about me.  About how I saw things, about what I dreamed for the future, about my capacity to move beyond the shadows of my past. Brynne’s love changed absolutely everything. 
Of course there is drama.  A heartless mother-in-law, friends from the past that serve as a reminder of all his guilt and a few highly intense moments, are just some of the bumps in the road these happy honeymooners face.  But, all’s well that ends well for Ethan and Brynne and their future together.  So happy to see this couple grow and support one another.  Their love is strong and their passion is all consuming.  Ethan is more erotic than ever. And if you want to know if the baby is a boy or a girl, I highly recommend you to pick up a copy of “Rare and Precious Things” today. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

BOMB: A Day in the Life of Spencer Shrike: Rook and Ronin Spinoff by JA Huss

4.5 -5 Sizzling Stars
Spencer Shrike.... I went from wanting to kick your ass hard to loving you dearly.

Strike’s life is somewhat… difficult.  He is being pulled in different directions by forces looking to destroy him. From chasing competitors who are trying to annihilate his custom bike business, to the law breathing down his neck for his past indiscretions, to a reality show invading his privacy, Spenser is forced to distance himself from the one true person that can offer him everything he wants and needs.  That one special girl is his “bombshell”, the one and only, Veronica Vaughn.

And it is his love for Ronnie, the need to protect her from all the fallout surrounding him that has him pushing her as far away from him as possible.  But Spencer cannot longer take life with out Ronnie, so he is prepared to do what ever is necessary to keep her within his grasp.


“The day I saw you, my life started. My chest swelled with this feeling.  A feeling I’d never felt before.” 

Spencer You tricky devil - things with you are NOT what they seem. He is a true romantic hero with a dirty mind and a dirty mouth. Now, I just have to wait for “GUNS” to learn more about your angst filled life.