Friday, August 30, 2013

Killing Sarai

4.5 out of 5 STARS!

WOW What a story....EBook provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Warning: this is not your typical love story with a happily ever after ending. “Killing Sarai” is a well written, action packed romantic suspense that captivates you from the very first line until the very last word…. all long, leaving you wanting more. So if you are looking for a story that invokes emotions and takes you on a nail biting roller coaster ride…this is the book for you.

As the story begins, we are introduced to Sarai, a young girl who is trapped in a horrible situation. Sarai is a prisoner, sold into slavery by her own mother at the young age of fourteen. She has suffered an abysmal life of verbal, sexual and physical abuse at the hands of a merciless drug lords Javier and his wretched sister, Izel. Although Javier favors her over the other girls who are enslaved, Sarai is surrounded by brutality – living a life shrouded in violence. For nine years she has lived a life lacking love, kindness, and surrounded by the stench of death.

“Fourteen-years-old, forced to live a life of bondage and pain and broken dreams”

When an opportunity presents itself, Sarai is quick to escape and seek her freedom. Her savior, a man named Victor. He is a mercenary - a heartless killer for hire who is so detached from all human emotions. These two become quite a team.

Oh Victor…. you were so easy to despise in the beginning. So cold, so heartless, I waited so long to see the crack in your armor and let Sarai in.

“I’ve never really been able to read his face because his emotions, if he has any, seem impenetrable…”

Right off the bat you see that Victor’s chilly character oozes so much Alpha sexiness. He’s tall, lean, muscular, the silent brooding type…what’s not to fall in love with. And believe me, even though you quickly learn that Victor is a cynical by his own admission, you fall in love with him and you are eager to learn the secrets held within his blue-green eyes.

As the story progresses, we see that Sarai and Victor share a similar emotionally detached childhood - lacking kindness and love. Victor’s character holds his cards close and reveals very little to Sarai. But what little he does share with her draws her in…causing her to want more – craving to learn more about his past.

Sarai, now free from her oppressors and starting a new life is a lost soul, perhaps more lost in her freedom than when she was enslaved. Not knowing how and where to start her journey, she attaches herself to Victor. But, Victor connects with no one. His “heart” has no room for emotional attachments and relationships – these things have no place in the life of a calculated killer. But during their time together, Victor, much to his surprise, becomes attached to Sarai. She touches him in a way like no other has. These feeling are alien to Victor, so unfamiliar that it confuses him, and causes him to find ways to prolong Sarai’s presence in his life. Victor’s character evolves as he discovers that he is capable of feeling emotions.

“You made me feel real emotions. You unlocked me.”

So just when you think these two will find love and a “happily ever after”…. think again. Sarai and Victor realize safety means living a life separated. For Sarai, her new life starts with challenges and struggles – but she decides what path her future will take…

“Victor Faust did much more than help me escape a life of abuse and servitude. He changed me. He changed the landscape of my dreams, the dreams I had everyday about living ordinarily and free and on my own. He changed the colors on the palette from primary to rainbow-as dark as the colors of that rainbow may be-and not a day goes by that I don’t think about him or about the life I could’ve had with him. Although dangerous and ultimately short, it’s what I want. Because it would’ve been a life that better suited me and, well, it would’ve been a life with Victor.”

Don’t worry folks, Victor and Sarai’s story has not ended and I CAN NOT WAIT to see how their journey unfolds.