Friday, May 17, 2013

Eyes Wide Open by Raine Miller

Another 4 star read for the Blackstone Affair

“Eye’s on me, baby...You know I have to have your eyes when I take you!"

“Eyes Wide Open” was a scorching hot, sizzling read.  Finally faced with all the ugliness of Brynne’s past, Ethan will do everything and anything to secure her safety and what he has planned is no hardship.  Committing his life as well as his heart is exactly what Ethan is willing to do.  It’s his winning hand.
“I want my cock in you all night long."

Danger lurks around every corner for Brynne.  It all comes to a head creating more chaos, heartache, loss and pain in her life. Constant roadblocks threaten their happiness. But, where there is darkness, comes light – Ethan and Brynne discover that even though their lives are in a tailspin, blessings and joy lie ahead and in their future.

“Eyes Wide Open” answers many of the burning questions I was saddled with from the first installment of this series…the WHO, the WHY to what caused all this turmoil in Brynne’s life. This story was tearful, yet romantically passionate (Ethan’s always the charmer). BUT – again, there are loose ends left dangling.

Ethan is still very much a mystery to me.  His darkness has yet to see the light of day and remains a mystery to Brynne as well.  The surface is barely scratched when it comes to exposing Ethan’s demons and addressing the PTDS situation, which he clearly suffers from. 

All in all, EWO did not disappoint.  It was as sensual and suspenseful and the first two books in the series.  Although I feel as if I am still hanging at the edge of the cliff, waiting for ALL the answers, it was a satisfying and enjoyable read.