Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kaleidoscope (Colorado Mountain, #6) by Kristen Ashley

5 Stars
Arc received by author in exchange for an honest review

Kaleidoscope is the sixth installment in the Colorado Mountain Series. It is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of Kristen Ashley, her descriptive writing style, her supremely sexy Alpha-males, strong heroines and attention grabbing story lines. This author never ceases to deliver heartwarming yet highly sensual romances that tap directly into my emotions. In reading Kaleidoscope, I am once again lured into the magical towns of Gnaw Bone and Chantelle, visiting some old friends, falling for the gifted and drop dead gorgeous PI Jacob “Deck” Decker, as I step into the lives and love story of Deck and Emme.

When first introduced to Deck in Breathe, (Chace and Faye’s romance), I was immediately intrigued by his character.  There was an air of mystery surrounding him and I found myself wanting to learn more about Chace Keaton’s loyal best friend. There were references to a great heartache in his past and difficulties moving on. My spidey senses knew it would take an incredible woman to help heal Deck’s broken spirit.

Deck and Emmanuelle “Emme” Holmes are estranged friends.  It’s been nine long years since he’d laid eyes on Emme’s adorable dimple, and a chance encounter made Deck realize just how much he truly missed her. After his woman Elsbeth broke his heart, Deck cut all ties associated with the relationship.  One of the casualties was Emme, Elsbeth’s best friend.  Regardless of how hard Emme tried, Deck’s friendship was lost and his absence severely hurt her.  But, before he vanished, Emme gave Deck a special gift. A kaleidoscope – a reminder that beauty will always be within his reach.  Deck treasures Emme’s gift, as it bears great meaning in his life.

You think you lost beauty, Jacob, but you didn’t. That dimple. That fucking dimple. This time coming out under sad eyes before she’d whispered, Just turn the dial.
Emme, is a lonely girly who has isolated herself from others, with good reason.  Her character is sweet, gentle, and yet obstinate. I couldn’t help but feel sad when learning about her past and the reasons that cause Emme to build such high emotional walls. It will take an extraordinary man like Deck to break through.

Deck’s adorably sexy. He is a strong and powerful man, yet tender and kind.  And yes, his dirty-mouth pillow talk was quite arousing.  I loved his resolve on breaking through to Emme and helping her moved past her fears.  He is with out a doubt in love with her and will fight all obstacles in order to build a future with his woman.  In one word, Deck is beautiful. 

The Kaleidoscope is a symbol of change and beauty. It’s made from shattered and broken pieces of glass, connected together to form a new work of art.  It’s true beauty is revealed when the sun radiates it’s light. The symbolism of the kaleidoscope does have an underlying meaning in this story for me. In a way, it is representative of Emme’s life. Past experiences shattered Emme. It is Deck’s fortitude and love that solidifies the scattered fragments of Emme together. He’s also the light that shines and brings beauty into her world. It also holds great meaning for Deck as well.  For him, it represented a way of always keeping Emme close to his heart.


This story, like all others in the series, is steamy.  Deck is incredibly sensual and I fell in love with him immediately.  Without revealing any spoilers, I will say there are a few plot twists, but the drama and tension levels are not as high as in the prior installments.  It is a true “friends turn lovers” story, focused on Emme and Deck, their families and their relationship.  I adored this couple and the way their connection flourished into love, how they dealt with their obstacles and the passion they shared.  It was also a treat seeing characters from the earlier series woven into the storyline. Kaleidoscope was a very well told and exceptionally written tale. It has become one of my favorite reads, which I highly recommend. 

And now… Anticipation is making me wait for further “rocky road to second chances” love stories involving the characters Deke Hightower and Coal "Wood" Blackwood.

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