Thursday, February 13, 2014

Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan

5 Tearful Stars
“Archer’s Voice” is one of the most touching, exquisitely written love stories I have EVER read.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.  WHY?  Firstly, once I started, I could not put my damn kindle down.  It captured me and I could not let it go until I read the very last word. Secondly, Archer and Bree became one of my favorite storybook couples – their stories touched my soul.  Last, (but not least) while reading Archer’s tale, Mia Sheridan managed to rip out my heart and break it. Then, it was crushed, shattered and pummeled while tearing me to shreds and destroying me...

But, before I knew it, all the fragmented pieces were healed and the magic of her words spun my heartbreak into pure joy. 

What an amazing experience. And in the end, I’ve discovered that Archer’s “voice” is the loveliest “sound” I have ever heard.


Archer Hale is a survivor of horrific childhood traumas. After the tragic loss of his family at the age of seven, leaving him agonizingly broken and scarred, Archer was subjected to a grim life surrounded by vipers.  He was raised by a loving yet crazy paranoid uncle, which led him to a sheltered, reclusive life.  In order to survive, he found it best to isolate himself from his bastard of a cousin, his bitch aunt, and the entire town.  A lovely boy, who grew into such a handsome man, Archer has no one to share all his beauty, which radiates from deep within his soul – Until Bree stumbles into his life. 

Bree Prescott is running away.  Leaving her home and the  horrendous events of her recent past, she finds herself in Maine.  Seeking an escape from the reality that has become her life, Bree senses there is a powerful force, which exists in the lakeside town of Pelion, which beckons her and holds the promise of peace. It is here where she encounters a loner named Archer. 

At first, Archer keeps his distance from Bree to the point that he was unfriendly and rude.  But the ever-persistent Bree found it her mission to breakthrough and dig deep to reveal his secrets - Why is he alone? Why doesn’t he speak? Why does Archer choose to live life as an outcast?  As Bree chips away the walls that surround Archer, she unearths all the wonders that exist. Like finding an undiscovered treasure, she  realizes what make Archer so precious, and stakes claim to a man which the community shunned.  For Archer, Bree helps him to discover a whole new world:

-That he is worthy of love and kindness and is not doomed to live a life of loneliness and solitude.  
-That Bree’s commitment to him is meaningful.  He learns to let down his guard, conquer a communication barrier and be an important part of his community.
-He is a hero, saving Bree’s life in so many ways. As she provides him companionship, he brings her peace and chases away her fears.

These two lost and fractured souls were destined to find each other, to heal one another and fall deeply in love. 

“Archer’s voice” is a profound love story.    The journey to a happily ever after made me laugh, scream and cry all at the same time. It was both tormenting and tantalizing arousing.   Oh yes, Archer turns out to be one hell of a sexy beast. It is a beautiful tale of passion, healing and self discovery.  I highly recommend this heart warming, touching read.  Thank you, Mia Sheridan, for another 5 star read. 

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