Saturday, February 15, 2014

Conflicting Interests by Elizabeth Finn

4 out of 5 stars
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

Katrina Page, a middle school teacher, discovers she is the target of a madman attacker, and she is set in his sights.  Who rescues this damsel in distress when she is violently attacked and her life is threatened? Sexy detective Dillon Adler. Now, their first encounter did not go so well.  It turns out Dillon’s son is one of Kat’s students and her temper files off the charts when Dillon is late for their parent/teacher conference.  Needless to say, these two start off on the wrong foot – but sparks do fly and the sexual tension escalates  during their first encounter.

I liked Dillon’s character.  He was smooth, sexy and charismatic.  At first, he was a bit of a wishy-washy tease regarding his feelings for Kat.  There was a constant struggle in handling his attraction towards her. Being stuck between his job responsibilities and his desire for Kat was difficult for Dillon.  He is sworn to his duties in protecting her.  But, he does have moments of weakness when Kat makes advances.  Kat wants him and makes no bones about it. Dillon’s focus and priority is her safety.   

Kat’s character was likeable yet a bit annoying.  She was curt, snippy and at times rude to Dillon.  As their love story progressed, I warmed up to her.

“Conflicting Interests” is a story that is high on drama and sexual tension. As pending threats continue to build, the drama elements escalates as well as their chemistry.


This read differs in style from the other Elizabeth Finn books I have previously read, but no less satisfying.  I enjoyed the love story of Kat and Dillon.  If you are a fan of romance with sizzling sex scenes and nail biting excitement, then “Conflicting Interests” is a perfect read for you.

Conflicing Interests

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