Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Toxic by Kim Karr @authorkimkarr

ARC Received in exchange for an honest review
4.5 Intoxicating Stars
Once again Kim Karr delivers another intense romance filled with plot twists and laced with all I’ve come to love from this author…Intrigue, drama, angst and intoxicatingly sizzling passion. Toxic tells the second chance love story of Phoebe St. Claire and Jeremy McQueen. They were once secret lovers, sharing an all-consuming blazing desire, then bitterly torn apart by falsehoods and misconceptions. Now, they are destined to reunite as Phoebe battles for her family’s legacy and Jeremy battles misunderstandings in order to conquer her heart.

Their passion is addictive, heady and toxic. Their hurt as much as they love. Things were NOT what they seemed and the more mysteries unraveled, the more tangled their web. Karr cleverly hinted and left breadcrumbs to follow, (some I found predictable, some blew me away), all the while keeping me on my toes and constantly guessing, holding my breathe waiting to see what comes next.

Phoebe – I was torn with her character. On one hand, I felt bad that she had the weight of the world on her shoulders while stuck in a loveless relationship after experiencing a great heartache. On the other, she greatly frustrated me with her flightiness. She had severe trust issues when it came to Jeremy, which caused her to make foolish, self-destructing decisions. Her rash assumptions, in both the past and present, caused their heartache, which vexed me. I liked that she was a tough gal and business savvy, but overly dramatic and insecure at times.

The sexually provocative and always charismatic Jeremy McQueen – even his name is sexy! He was HAWT, mysterious, broody and one hell of an intense character. He was the ultimate rebel bad-boy, with a ‘screw everyone’ attitude. He had my sympathies throughout this read. Yes, he had secrets and faults, which made their relationship even more complicated, but he was sincere in his feelings for Phoebe. He was undeserving of her distrust in my opinion. I really liked his character, then again, I have a weakness for moody, sexy Alphas with a hint of mystery and Jeremy was off the charts sensual.

As a couple, their passion ignited big time. As young lovers, they had chemistry. Once reunited, their love exploded. Jeremy oozed a raw sexuality and his appetite was unbelievably scorching – always controlling, always demanding with a constant erotic hunger.

Toxic took me on a mysterious journey trying to decipher all the clues Karr sprinkled throughout this read. This author’s stories have a way of grabbing hold of my attention, spinning my mind with her plot twists, keeping me on the edge and intrigued. She’s a great storyteller who weaves the perfect combination of lust, love, melodramatics and angst. This standalone had my emotions whirling between it’s many ‘hold my breath” moments, to ‘screaming at my kindle’ frustration, then back to Jeremy and Phoebe’s ‘holy crap’ fiery passion. Kim Karr is known for stories filled with steam and intrigue and Toxic did not disappoint.


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