Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Bossman by Vi Keeland @ViKeeland

4 Stars
Vi Keeland is one of my favorite go to authors. My fondness for her stories all began with Nico in “Worth the Fight” and with each subsequent read, I fell a little more in love with her writing style and characters ~ especially her luscious heroes. “Bossman” did not disappoint. It was just as steamy hot as the gorgeous man on the cover. A sweet, heartfelt romance filled with loads of passion, moments of laughter and a hint of drama. Sexual tensions ran high as I was immediately hooked within Chase and Reese’s world.

Reese Annesley’s a strong willed and sassy New York City girl who’s down on her luck when it comes to her career and love life. While in the midst of a boring date from hell, she crosses paths with the dynamic Chase Parker. He’s drop dead sexy, charismatic, overly confident, and a colorful storyteller. I loved how his magnetic personality managed to both attract and piss off Reese from the moment they met. He definitely caught her attention; despite the fact their first encounter was a rocky. Reese was immediately consumed and intrigued by all things Chase, which put her in a precarious position when hired at Parker IndustriesChase’s corporation.

I liked Reese’s cheekiness and wit. She was sassy and stubborn, which caused oodles of tension in the story-line, as she fought her attraction to Chase.  It had me on edge at times, patiently anticipating the moment where she finallyfinally caved. Reese certainly took her time surrendering to her desires.

I adored the tall, dark, handsome and oh so charming Chase. Loved his relentless pursuit to bed Reese, not giving a crap she was an employee. Although mostly funny and quick witted, Chase had an air of mystery surrounding his character. He slowly unraveled all the reasons why he was total commitment phobe. The complicated love affair with the feisty Reese not only heated up in the bedroom, but it stirred feelings and fears buried deep within Chase’s heart.

Chase was an incredibly lovable hero that had me swooning. I adored his personality, which oozed so much sexiness. But man, was he a stubborn boy at times. Consumed by past heartache and anxieties, Chase made some poor decisions. I wanted to (lovingly) bop him over the head and snap him out of his funk while reading the last few chapters. Nevertheless, even though he vexed me at times, his character shined. My heart went out to Chase, seeing all his sorrow, guilt and regrets.

All in all, another enjoyable and well-written romance from Vi. From beginning to end this read held me from the funny, lighthearted moments, through to the emotionally driven heartaches. I must confess that I wanted more insight into this couple’s future and explore their relationship further. That happens to me sometimes when I become invested within the lives of certain characters. Regardless, “Bossman” was a hit for me and it had all the feels. I highly recommend this fun and flirty read. 

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