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Lovely Trigger by RK Lilley

5 Amazing Stars
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review
Met you through Mr. Cavendish. You were a mysterious, sexy, arrogant, larger than life character with a humongous ego to match…  Had the feeling you held secrets and I was itching to know your story. 
In Bad Things, you proved your arrogance.  You were such a dawg. A manwhore. And I knew you were trouble from the very beginning.  You’re just another playa, stringing along a beautiful girl, setting her up for heartache.
You hit Rock Bottom and I was gutted.  Your life was tail spinning, spiraling out of control. Tristan, you filleted my heart and tore me to shreds. How could you?? I was totally frustrated and MAJORLY pissed off when you abandoned all sense of reason and surrendered to the demons that haunted you. For such a powerful man, your weaknesses took hold, the ghosts from your past held their victory, and you lost the one shinning light that graced your existence.  You did a fine job of setting yourself up for a future laced deep emotional darkness.  I could smack the shit outta you.

But, all the while, I adored you.  You magically casted a spell over me using your animalistic sex appeal and charisma. I did not stand a chance.
And now…BEHOLD! The powerful force that is Tristan pieces himself together and from feebleness comes strength. Like the phoenix rising from cinders, Tristan is reborn.  Now clean and sober, he is placing the broken pieces of his shattered life back together, save one – Danika.  Losing her left Tristan incomplete and empty.  Living without his love for over six years, is not a life worth living.  And now he is determined to get her back, no matter how long it takes.
 Even if I couldn’t be her husband, I longed to have her in my life.  In any capacity.  I’d take literally anything. I wouldn’t be happy with less than everything, but I’d take what I could get. Crumbs, scraps, tastes of what she once felt for me, as a salve for what I still felt in abundance for her. 

“Because that’s how love works.  It doesn’t die, even when you don’t feed it.  That’s just the way it is.  I wouldn’t change it, even if I could.  Loving her has become a part of who I am.”

Lovely Trigger, the long anticipated final installment to the Tristan and Danika Series, is a tale of hope, redemption, forgiveness and an undying love that burns within the hearts of two broken souls. Trust me, these two are quite dysfunctional.
I was immediately sucked into the Tristan and Danika's saga. I became obsessively addicted to the drama that surrounded their lives, passions, heartaches and desires. Their erotic tale was so filled with angst, I loved every nail biting, heart stopping, soul gutting moment. RK Lilley set me on a roller-coaster ride that left me whirling and twisted my emotions as if being swept away by a violent tornado. This series was sizzling. 

 Metaphorically speaking, I define Tristan and Danika’s relationship as magnetic. Two poles: one side drawing them together, their attraction is undeniable and the bond is everlasting.  On the flip side: the circumstances that evolve around their lives exert a force so powerful, like similar poles of a magnet, repelling and totally annihilating each other to the point of devastation.

To fully appreciate the true beauty of their tumultuous love story, one needs to understand Tristan’s pain. A darkness consumes his soul, the demons that torcher him affects Danika and becomes the root of her pain as well. These demons are the catalyst for all the heartache, which befalls this couple. The turmoil with in him wreaks havoc in their lives. Tristan’s actions causes him to do the unforgivable - utterly destroying Danika’s life.  He infuriated me to no end with his lack of control. 
 BUT, as much as I wanted to be angry with Tristan and rip his head off because of all the hurtful shit he pulled, he always held my heart.  Here lies his beauty.  Despite how his selfish actions caused Danika ‘’s anguish, he truly loved her.  And his love was so strong, it gave him the fortitude to turn his life around.  It gave him the courage to clean up his act and pull Danika from the depths of despair.  This was no easy task, for Danika removed herself from his life for years. However long it took to pave his way back into her life, he would serve his penance because he can no longer live with out his woman. 
Danika is empty, joyless.  Tristan decimated and destroyed her life, leaving her body and soul barren.  Her existence was dismal. Closing herself off, building impenetrable walls around her heart, Danika barely manages to survive.  Her focus is her career and little else. And yes, her heart still belongs to Tristan and thoughts of him dominate her mind. For several painful years, Danika was nothing more than an empty shell. Until one unguarded moment, she succumbs to unbridled passion, and gifts herself the pleasure of all things Tristan. She devours him. Feelings of love and longing take control, and needless to say these two create heat that will melt your panties off. It’s just the crack in her armor that Tristan prayed for in his quest to regain Danika. 
But make no mistake; Danika is not so easily persuaded to fall back into Tristan’s life, regardless of the fact that she is constantly jumping into his bed (or whenever public place they decided to screw).  She has not forgotten the tragedies bestowed upon her during his downfall.
As much as she hates how Tristan ruined her life, she adores him to no end.  No man will own her heart for Tristan is her soul mate as much as he is her destroyer.  Her love for him runs so deep, she alone carries the burden of truth as to the events which occurred that ill fated night, when all Danika treasured was violently ripped away.  She is incapable of disclosing the truth for fear of destroying him further… eventually, all is revealed.  And Tristan’s reaction is anything but predicable. When discovering how his poison leaked and turned Danika’s world upside down, he persevered and worked harder to solidify their relationship. Tristan became was unwavering and in full control of their destiny.  FINALLY, Tristan manned-up.

“Oh Danika,” he said softly. I started shaking my head vehemently. “Tell me, sweetheart.  Whatever it is, I’ll fix it.”I closed my eyes, my face crumbling. “Oh sweetheart,” he said, softer now, closer now. “I feel so lost.”He took my hands in his. “Not anymore.  I’m right here.  I’ve got you.” “There is this hollow place inside of me, where my faith in you used to be. I am so full of fear, and I do not know how to let myself trust you again. I don’t have the strength to do this.  Not again.” “I’ve got enough for both of us.”  He moved closer, wrapping me in his arms. “It’s about time I got a turn letting you lean on me.”    
Of course, there were some bitches that tried to derail their relationship all I can say to them is…. 
Tristan’s character fascinated me from the moment he was first introduce in the “Up in the Air” series. I was totally intrigued by how his persona morphed from a selfish, self-centered man – to a selfless man so desperate to repair the two lives he destroyed. It was remarkable.  He atoned for his sins by walking through hell, through the fire and made it to the other side.  Setting a new and better course for his life, he was redeemed and unwavering in his need to bring Danika healing and peace. As much as she tried to fight the pull towards Tristan, he never gave up.  And she had no choice but to give in. They were meant to be together. And he gave everything to assure their future would be filled with bliss. That’s where Tristan won me over.  That and the fact that he’s an unbelievably sexy dirty talking bastard – it was impossible for me NOT to love him. 

It was official.  We’d been through hell, but here we were, in our own little slice of heaven.  

Lovely Trigger was a bittersweet experience for me.  I had an unhealthy obsession of wanting to see their “happily ever after”.  But part of me never, ever wanted to let them go. Tristan and Danika’s journey, laced in gut wrenching pain, ended magnificently. RK is one of my favorite writers.  The masterful way she portrayed the love story of Tristan and Danika was amazing.  So happy to see them reach their well deserved happily ever after.  Now, the wait begins for Mr. Beautiful. 

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