Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Frayed by Kim Karr @authorkimkarr

Arc received from author in exchange for an honest review 
Frayed is the passionate love story of Ben Covington and Bell Wilde. It seems as if I waited an eternity for this tale. It was well worth the wait. To fully appreciate their saga, I would recommend first reading Connected, Torn and Blurred. Their beginnings are laced within these novels and you will have a better understanding of this couples’ history. This is not a flowery romance about a knight in shining armor saving a virtuous damsel in distress. Frayed is an intense and poignant love story, which twisted my emotions. It is a story of damaged souls, hidden secrets, healing broken hearts and forgiveness.  Kim Karr has once again given us a truly touching, heart-warming romance.

Ben and Bell (S’belle) are two flawed and misguided characters that I believe were destined to be together. What started as a forbidden encounter became a betrayal of trust. Regardless of the consequences, Ben surrendered to his lustful desires and Bell was his fiery temptress. One night together, of unbridled passion and hot animalistic sex, set a course that will alter the lives of so many. It was a night that neither would forget.

Throughout most of the series, I found Ben to be a selfish, self-centered man who lacked morals and common decency. I loved to hate his character, yet hated the fact that he touched me. He was dishonest, deceitful and cruel. But then…I saw his pain; an insight to what burdened his heart and soul. It was my undoing, seeing his sorrow and remorse, I began to connect with him and felt compassion. Now I realize some readers cannot and will not overlook his indiscretions.  However, for me, Ben worked hard to turn my feelings around. No longer selfish, he became caring, loving and understanding. His affections for Bell were genuine, and that is why I’ve come to admire him. The way Karr developed Ben’s character was miraculous. Forcing me to fall in love with someone I once despised.

Bell was difficult for me to connect with at first. She made decisions and mistakes in the past that I had a hard time coming to terms with. But seeing into Bell’s heart, I’ve come to realize she loves deeply. It was her love and dedication to Ben that moved me. Digging deep, I eventually was able to move past her faults and began to appreciate all that is Bell. She has a kind and gentle soul. Her will to overcome struggles to receive forgiveness was admirable.

Ben and Bell’s passionate relationship is indescribable. Alone, they were lost souls struggling to exist living with the memory of what they once shared. Together, they are healed and find the strength to persevere.  Their love was indisputable and sincere. There is no doubt in my mind that Ben and Bell were destined to be together. And what they shared made for some unbelievably scorching hot love scenes.

All this makes for a very complicated story not only too tell, but to witness. But sometimes, there’s beauty hidden in the depths of a difficult story. I found that beauty within both Ben and Bell’s hearts. Kim Karr set a great challenge for herself in writing Frayed, and I for one enjoyed the journey. It had all the elements that made this a 5 star read for me…

~Well written captivating storyline
~ Angst
~ Sizzling sexy Alpha who was both   domineering and loving
~ Sassy female lead
~ Raw passion
~ Undeniable love

Karr has out done herself in this second chance romance. She successfully brought both characters from darkness into the light. I did not care for Ben and Bell’s sordid beginnings…but I am overjoyed how their love blossomed. Frayed is yet another great read in the Connections series and one that should not be missed.


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