Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sociopath ~ by Lime Craven


Advance copy provided by author
in exchange for an honest review

Every once in a while I enjoy a dark read. Sociopath satisfied my urges and left me thinking…..

I am still reeling from the side affects - Lime Craven seriously screwed with my head. This was a dark, twisted, nail biting angsty tale laced with several characters that exhibit disturbing behavioral issues.  It is not a read for the faint of heart and if “triggers” turn you off, heed the disclaimer before diving in. There is a goodly amount of situations that may be considering troubling. You’ve been warned. So if you are brave, buckle up and prepare yourself for total mind-fuckery. 
Aeron Lore. An accomplished and obscenely wealthy businessman led me on a head-trip like no other. Psycho’s Norman Bates, with all his mommy issues, has nothing on him. Aeron’s unstable childhood was tainted by a certifiably insane mother and thus, developed the taste for bloodthirsty kink. Once I began the journey, I was drawn into the inner sanctum of a madman’s mind. He is a man detached from emotions yet obsessed with success, achievements and a beautiful woman. His character was brilliantly written. Although, I must confess I could not connect with his persona, but was utterly fascinated by him nonetheless. His thoughts and actions were sheer lunacy. 
The object of his obsession is the stunning yet equally cuckoo, Leo (Leotine). Once Aeron sets his eyes upon his lioness, he stops at absolutely nothing to claim her…all of her. He is a total Alpha-male consumed by lust and driven by his insatiable sexual desires. 
Aeron and Leo have a strained relationship, both in the business world and in the bedroom, where Aeron’s dominance is supreme. Both these characters have deep, mysterious secrets that take time to unearth. Along the way there are several suspenseful plot twists and intense moments. Whenever I thought I grasped the story, the author cleverly spins Leo and Aeron’s world on its axis. 
The physical connection, for me, was not passionate or romantic. There was no conventional depiction of ‘love’. Well, there wouldn’t be since both, in my opinion, are sociopaths. To be honest, it took some effort to make my way around a few of the sex scenes. But the struggle was worth it as it exemplified Aeron’s craving for control over Leo, his ‘canvas’. 

Reading Sociopath was a unique experience.  I viewed it as more of a psychological/suspense read rather than a romance. With that being said, it was an exceptionally well-written good read for me. The story was told from Aeron’s POV, but from time to time he addressed his thoughts directly to the reader…adding an extra layer of eeriness to the story and more insight into his beautifully demented mind. Craven masterfully shifted from first to second person POV, allowing the story to flow. If you are looking for an intense type of tale, Sociopath will not disappoint.

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