Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The 27 Club by Kim Karr @authorkimkarr

ARC received from author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

4 Stars

I am a HUGE Kim Karr fan and was thrilled when first hearing about her new suspense filled romance standalone. I love when authors take risks and gift their fans new and exciting stories. I had feeling it would be nail bitingly edgy and I needed to get my hands on it ASAP. The 27 Club is a drama filled read with countless mysteries and several plot twists. It is a departure from her norm, but no less attention grabbing.

Without giving too much away, this is a story about destiny and self-discovery. Zoey Flowers (the heroine) believes she is fated to die at the young age of 27.  These fears are not unfounded, since recently losing her brother Zach, as well as other family members, at that age. Turing 27 herself, Zoey’s obsession with death is all consuming as she still grieves his loss. During her temporary stay in Miami to collect Zack’s belongings, she soon discovers her brother led a mysterious life. Thus begins the quest to piece together his secrets and the circumstances involving his accidental death…she needs answers soon, before she become the club’s next member. 

I liked Zoey, but found she lived a little too much inside her head, shrouding her existence in so much darkness. It was sad to see her outlook on life was poisoned by the thoughts of a family curse. Here enters Nate Hanson, her brother’s best friend and a bit of an enigma himself. There’s an instant attraction and Zoey makes it clear she wants him desperately. He’s handsome, sexy and controlling; the perfect man for a quick and steamy fling, since she isn’t looking for a long-term relationship. There’s some sexual tension, which I always savor, as Nate battles their connection. But when they finally succumb to the passion, these two sizzle. This couple had chemistry, and Nate was oh-so dominating and hot.

I adored the way Nate took gentle care of Zoey in her time of need. She began to blossom as the bonds of their relationship grew stronger. Under Nate’s wing, Zoey reassesses her outlook and slowly begins to live and thrive. In her determination to unravel her brother’s and Nate’s secrets, she discovers herself and is opening her heart to love.

“Let me help you live
wild and free.”
Her road to self-discovery was inspiring. For me, this story reinforces an important message; enjoy the gifts life has to offer despite hardships. We may not have control over destiny, but like Zoey, open our hearts to love, joy and happiness.

The 27 Club was a fascinating read and quite the roller coaster ride. Buckle up for Zoey and Nate’s journey - Kim Karr is known for her deliciously descriptive and detailed writing style, which I absolutely enjoy. If you are a lover of suspense with a sexy twist, give this read a go because it had all the makings of an interesting novel…mystery, intrigue, tension, passion and an engaging cast of characters.


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