Saturday, September 12, 2015

Grayson's Vow by Mia Sheridan @MSheridanAuthor

4.5 – 5 Bewitchingly Beautiful Stars

Mia Sheridan once again overwhelmed me with yet another powerfully gripping, profoundly touching love story. 

In Grayson’s Vow, Sheridan pens her characters in such a compelling way, that I was totally consumed within their love, heartache, passion and joy. I tried my best to prepare myself emotionally for Grayson and Kira’s romance, but to no avail. Once again my heart was severed open, leaving me raw, exposed and feeling completely vulnerable when seeing deep into the broken pieces of their tattered souls.

Grayson Hawthorn’s mission is to uphold a vow to preserve his family’s legacy. Kira Dallaire is a woman running away from her heartless, controlling father. Both are trapped in financial dire straits. Situations seem hopeless, until circumstances bring these two strangers together and make a deal that turn their lives around.

Grayson, you utterly shattered me.

His past was riddled with sorrow. Throughout the read, we see memories of a childhood filled with verbal abuse, abandonment, betrayal and neglect. Grayson was tormented on every level. My heart sank seeing the grief he suffered at the hands of his bastard of a father, callous stepmom, and his bitch of a mother. These experiences shaped the often stringent, overly guarded man who constantly clashed with the likes of Kira. Misery followed him throughout the story, as we discover he spent five years in prison, ignored by most of his family, only to be release and straddle with a failing vineyard in financial distress. There were times I could not take the steady stream of bad luck that plagued him. Yeesh, the poor guy couldn’t catch a break and that had my head spinning.

As much as I sympathized with his character, my feelings for him ran hot and cold. There were endearing moments when Grayson let down his guard and showed his gentle side. I wanted to coddle him, easing away all the pain in his heart. And then there were times he drove me nutty with the icy way he treated Kira. I was feeling all edgy whenever his unkind words cut her deep. However, I am a total sucker for a damaged man in desperate need of healing. Grayson’s path to overcoming his hang-ups and ‘dragon-like’ demeanor had me loving his character in the end. I will admit, I found it tough and lost patience with him from time to time, but his amorous ways touched me, especially the sexy way he called Kira his little witch…had me feeling all tingly inside.

You bring me peace, little witch, 
and you put fire in my blood.”

Kira was a very spirited, habitually whimsical, flakey-in-a-funny-way type of girl ~ Total opposite of the tightly wound Grayson.

I felt for all her troubles, dealing with her hardhearted father, trying to escape his influence. But despite her worries, she was sweet and funny. Kira had me laughing over all her crazy quirkiness and the outrageous ways she clashed with Grayson. She was generous to a fault and sympathetic to his needs. I sometimes found her to be a little too quick at forgiving whenever Grayson acted like an ass, but that’s exactly what his character needed. The girl was beyond patient, (which is a good thing) loving and kind - the perfect weapons a witch needs to face off with a dragon, teaching him how to trust.

Eloquently written, Grayson’s Vow is a beautiful fairy-tale love story. Mia Sheridan delivered another heart touching romance laced with intensity, passion and drama. I always look forward to losing myself within the worlds she created. For lovers of soul touching romances and fans of the Sign of Love Series, this is one read you don not want to miss.


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