Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ryker (Cold Fury Hockey #4) by Sawyer Bennett @BennettBooks

4 Stars

Making my way through the Cold Fury Series, I could not wait to devour Ryker Evan’s story. He was…. dreamy.

Ryker’s a scorching hot hockey player, a great dad, a passionate lover and funny. I couldn’t resist his charms and now I’m a giddy goalie groupie. But, what made this an extra delicious read for me was my muse. (The insanely sexy Henrik Lunqvist. -  the incredibly hot NY Ranger).

Ryker flooded my imagination the minute I was first introduced to his character in ZACK. This gorgeous man haunted me ever since and kicked up my anxiety to a new level waiting for his turn on the ice. 

Newly divorced single dad, majorly screwed over by an unfaithful wife, Ryker quickly became my favorite in this series.  All these heroes had major challenges, which I championed them to overcome. However, Ryker had a more lighthearted, humorous quality to his character. I loved the relationship he has with his daughters, from braiding hair to killing (and almost freaking out) spiders, he’s both a mom and dad to these adorable girls. It added to his sexy, gentle-giant persona.  Ryker’s the perfect combination of sweet tenderness and raw animal magnetism.

My poor Ryker. Starting over in his mid-thirties has him dealing with ton of complications. Aside from being a single dad, he’s in a new town and facing the pressure of upholding his position on a new team. Add to that the undeniable and sizzling attraction to the forbidden. He’s got it bad for the team’s new general manager, Gray Brannon, the first female GM who consumes his thoughts.

I liked Gray. She’s a strong willed, intelligent businesswoman and the type of female lead that did not drive me insane by being all wishy-washy. She stood her ground and went after what she wanted, regardless if it put her career in jeopardy. Gray was a smart chick that exercised caution when perusing Ryker, while dealing with her own fears of establishing a relationship with his kids. She too had challenges – a job promotion, making her way in a male dominated field, resistance from some team players – she carried the weight of the world on her shoulders and worked hard to prove herself daily. A relationship with Ryker added to the complications in her life, but he was so well worth it. This couple was fantastically steamy.  

RYKER was a good read that had it all. A hot, juicy romance filled with passion, love of friends and family (so happy to see Alex, Garrett, Zack and families pop into the storyline), touch of drama courtesy of an unsuspecting plot twist and humor. It was a lighthearted kind of love story that left me feeling all happy-happy. 

ARC courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for an honest review


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