Saturday, September 28, 2013

Connected by Kim Karr

5 out of 5 stars

Amazing…freaking…AMAZING! Reading “Connected” was like taking the most incredibly shocking roller coaster ride - it gutted me and pulled on each and every one of my heartstrings.  I LOVED IT!  Every angst filled moment was worth it. BUT HOLY MOTHER OF CLIFF HANGERS….What just happened?  How will I go on until the sequel?  My mind has been blown apart and my emotions are twisted.  This love story made me laugh, cry, scream, swoon and threaten irreversible damage to my kindle.  Kim Karr lays out one hell of an emotionally charged journey.

The story of Dahl and Ben….

You’re always in my head….
Maybe it’s the way we’ve known each other so long
Thoughts of you are always in my head.

Dahlia London is a free spirited writer who has suffered through so much loss and grief. Ben is a sexy, charismatic, cocky and loveable “surfer dude”.  They were best friends and college sweethearts.  Ben has supported Dahl and carried her through the most difficult times of her life.  Their relationship has not always been easy, but they belong together.  Ben is Dahl’s soul mate and she plans on spending the rest of her life loving him. 

WHAT? That didn’t happen! NO! GONE! Ben, I’m crying…tears…heartache…heartbreak…Dark clouds settle over Dahl’s life once again. 

Continuing a life without Ben is difficult, barely surviving without her lover.  He surrounds her, he is everywhere and he is nowhere.  Her once in a lifetime has been stolen from her.

The story of Dahlia and River….

River, you are one hell of a sexy, devilishly handsome, lead singer.  I instantly fell in love with you.  You charmed your way into my heart – each time you call Dahlia “BEAUTIFUL” I melt.

Your hand fits in mine
Like it’s made just for me
It just makes sense that we were meant to be
I see the faint freckles on your nose
These are the things I love about you.

Dahlia first encountered River Wilde during her college days.  Seeing him sing in the bar for the first time left a lasting impression and a spark ignited.  Alas, they were destined to go their separate ways, until Dahlia’s life turned upside down.  Years later, they reconnected – and from that moment, dark skies parted and sunshine once again flowed into Dahlia’s life.

I was born to love her
Everything about her
She is the one I need
The one I have waited for
She is everything.


River replaces the pain in Dahlia’s heart with joy and happiness.  He is gentle, loving, patient and understanding – gives her all the love she needs with lots and LOTS of SEX.  Rock star sex is exactly what a sad girl needs. 

River and Dahlia belong together.  With River comes the promise of a lifetime filled with bliss.  He’s her  “Once in a life time” and Dahlia is blessed with a second chance at life – and she intends on spending every moment with River.

We’ve taken this journey
Down this happy road
Discovering our love
And we know we will never be alone
We feel connected…connected forever

….And the prince and princess ride into the sunset on his trusted steed to live happily ever after…..

RING! Hear that phone Dahlia?  It's destiny calling once again... Your life is about to come crashing down – and many secrets yet to be revealed.  All the pieces in your life have yet to be connected. 

So now I sit and wait, white knuckles hanging on the edge of a cliff, waiting to see how Dahlia's life with further be TORN apart.

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