Monday, September 16, 2013

Withstanding Me by Crystal Spears

 Withstanding Me by Crystal Spears
My rating: 4 0f 5 stars

 ARC received from Crystal Spears in exchange for an honest review.

I love a good motorcycle romantic love story.  “Seize Me”, the first installment in the Breakneck series is one of my favorite MC tales.  Spears introduces us to quite a cast of interesting characters….and plenty of yummy Alphas.

“Withstanding Me” had a much tamer vibe compared to the rough and tough emotions I was feeling from “Seize Me” Kidnapping, drug abuse, brutal beatings, beheadings, sodomy and rape are not easy topics.  It’s not pretty and it takes a hell of a fight for the characters of to achieve their HEA.  Although difficult, the author took us from the tense drama and led you to other side, showing how these characters overcame terror and became survivors.  Storm and Zig Zag (ZZ) are some of the survivors from “Seize Me”.  “Withstanding Me” is their love story.

ZZ a higher up in the Breakneck MC. He is a single dad, (at the age of 13!) and his father was murdered during a blood feud.  ZZ has seen his fair share of drama.  He is a typical bad boy alpha.  His “lady” is his bike and there’s no chance of him being tied down by one woman. Life is a never-ending party filled with loose chicks, constant drinking and drugs.  He’s hot, young, sexy and has a huge c@ck decorated with a Jacob’s ladder.  ZZ can basically have any thing and any woman he wants…except Storm.

Storm, a rescued sex slave, wants romance.  Not a one nightstand, but true love with the man of her dreams, ZZ.  She refuses to succumb to ZZ advances.  She is determined to win his heart.

Breakneck!...ZZ finally comes to terms with his feelings for Storm and realizes she is worth giving up the wild life.

“I fuckin love you, Storm. I fuckin love you hard, baby. Deal with it. I love every single thing about you. Your tiny little figure, your black and blonde hair, that cute little nose stud, those pouty little lips, those big blue eyes, the way you love me, the way you love our family.  You’re not giving up. I won’t let you. You once told me that’d I fall in love, and it would be with you. You remember that?....You took me, a man that didn’t do love, and you owned me Storm. You fuckin own me!”

WOW, for a guy who does not do commitment, he sure knows how to sweep a girl off her feet.

Even though there is the angst factor dealing with the Russian mob attacking the club and posing danger to the Breakneck members, I felt “Withstanding Me” was missing the edge that “Seize Me” had – something was being held back.  Never the less, It was a steamy read laced with hot sex scenes and tantalizing dirty talk.  

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