Sunday, May 25, 2014

Taint by S.L. Jennings

Justice Drake. A cool name for a sardonic, cocky asshole. And Justice embraces all those qualities. His vocation, teach neglected rich women, who fell out of their husbands’ favor, to screw like champions. Yep, JD knows how to bring sexy back and for a hefty price, he can teach you.  If you can survive the crash course of how to sex yourself up boot camp, and his arrogance, your in luck. 

But JD does not walk around life wearing rose colored glasses. He definitely has a cynical view of the world. 

There are reasons for his tainted views on life, love and the world - and they are the secrets buried in his childhood. Remain distant, emotionless and cold. This is the way he lives is life....

Ally comes along. A rich, beautiful pedigree of the highest class is not really successful in keeping her husband satisfied. SO off she goes to fantasy island, or to JD’s sensual camp to change her luck around. What she finds changes her world upside down.
I like Justice. His character was likable and funny, even when he was being a supreme asshole.  Ally was a strong heroine and these two make a sweet couple. Be take a while for them to get their mojo on, and to get their act together.  

Taint was a fast paced, satisfying read.  I like the writing style, the plot, the way the story flowed and it’s unconventional ending.  All 
in all, Taint was a good read.


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