Monday, May 12, 2014

To Professor, With Love by Linda Kage

4 Brilliant Stars
Arc received from author in exchange for and honest review

I Fell in love with “Price of a Kiss” and immediately became a fan of Linda Kage, her story telling gifts, and writing style.  It was one of my favorite reads of 2013.  I adored Mason and Reese as well as Sarah. Her character will always hold a special place in my heart. So when given the opportunity to read “To Professor, With Love”, I was ecstatic.  I could not wait to meet Noel and Aspen and witness their love story. Once again, Linda Kage did not disappoint. 

Noel, a ladies man and super sexy college athlete, comes from a less than desirable background.

Trying to better himself and the lives of his siblings, he works hard to support and raise them. His goal is to become a successful football player and part of a major team. His path to success is set except for one tiny obstacle standing in the way of a better future…and her name is Dr. Aspen Kavanagh.  Noel has a bit of a problem.  His grade point average in Dr. K’s class is lacking. In order to maintain his scholarship, he needs to raise his grade and this means our poor Noel has to work with the frumpy, unfriendly and dreadful professor he abhors.  But once seeing the true Aspen, Noel realizes he should never judge a book by its cover. For Aspen is much more than the stuffy, unappealing woman he perceived her to be. In actuality, he comes to learn she is his age and quite the hot little number once she sheds her professor persona.

Aspen is a damage soul. Her parents are selfish, cold-hearted bastards who have abandoned her in her time of need. In order to persevere after a horrific trauma as a teen, Aspen poured herself into her studies.  She is a brilliant over-achiever whose main focus was her education and obtained her doctorate at a very young age. To her benefit, Aspen was able to start her career teaching far enough away from her family, but they still managed to make her life uncomfortable given the opportunity.  Her salvation, Noel.  Sexual tensions running high, they are drawn to one another. There’s an attraction that can no longer be denied, no matter how hard they fight to resist. With both their careers on the line, the safest bet is to keep their distance.  But, their need is too strong and can no longer be denied. Noel and Aspen's relationship is one of beauty. Leading Aspen to blossom and come to life and Noel discovers the “player” is indeed a one-woman man.


Since Noel has entered Aspen’s life, she is no longer the lonely, disliked social outcast.  The forbidden connection with him has opened her to a world of happiness and joy unlike anything she has ever experienced.  And more importantly, he helps heal her broken heart and eases the pain that lies within Aspen’s soul. In return, Noel is blessed to learn the love of one woman is the most precious thing in the world.

“To Professor With Love” was an enjoyable read for me.  Noel was a perfect romantic hero, possessing both sweetness and steamy passion - A true tenderhearted gentleman. I loved watching their relationship bloom as well as revisiting my favorite characters from PoaK. I am really looking forward to the next installment in the Forbidden Series.


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