Sunday, November 2, 2014

Finding Eden by Mia Sheridan

Received from author in exchange for an honest review
I feverishly dived straight into this tale after reading Becoming Calder and was completed consumed by it. My emotions ran high from all the plot twists and revelations. This author’s amazing writing talents have a direct connection to my heart and soul. Wow, this was a truly fantastic story of love lost and love rediscovered. There is no power in existence that can break the bonds between Calder and Eden.  And this couple quickly became one of my all time favorites. 

Aside from off the charts steamy moments of passion, Finding Eden was laced with suspense. Several times I found myself holding on, white knuckled, clutching my kindle. Once I began I could not stop until I reached the very end. And what a magnificent ending to this incredible saga. Both happy and sorrowful tears flowed as I witnessed Calder and Eden’s journey. 

It is here where we see growth in both Eden and Calder’s characters. Their innocent view of life is lost due to the traumas and tragedies they’ve endured. It broke my heart a little to see that element of innocence slip away. But, life continues, and I was happy to see they found a way to adapt and flourish. Eden’s strength proved to be insurmountable as Calder finds his way in the world. Both struggle terribly, both love fiercely, and I loved each and every breath taking moment. 

I do not want to divulged too much of the story line because it is something a reader needs to experience for themselves. All I can say is be prepared for an unforgettable experience. It is a story of self-discovery, the beauty of undying love, of hope and perseverance.  This couple lived though so much loss, strife and uncertainty – it was amazing how they survived. 

This series ran the gamut of emotions, from beauty to pain, and will always stay with me.  It was one of the most unique stories I have come across in some time. Thank you, Mia Sheridan, for a wondrous experience.

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