Monday, November 17, 2014

Saving Poughkeepsie (The Poughkeepsie Brotherhood #3) by Debra Anastasia

ARC received from author in exchange for an honest review

The last installment in the Poughkeepsie Brotherhood series, Saving Poughkeepsie, was a bittersweet read for me. I’ve been a fan of this series and it’s cast of off the wall characters since I was first introduced to Blake and his endless tally of Livia’s smiles. My affair with this tale started on a train platform and after a long, drama filled journey, it ended with the love and devotion of three men – brothers not of blood, but of heart, soul and circumstance.

Blake and Livia are the most adorable couple. Livia, always the loving wife and mother, grew stronger and sweeter. Blake, forever the gentle poetic soul, evolved into a more fierce and protective man. I must confess out of all the brothers, he is my favorite. The way he loves his family, the tenderness within his soul and the way proclaims his love for Livia is magical. I will always hold his character near and dear to my heart.

Cole and Kyle – their journey was not an easy one and I connected with their pain and longing for a family.  Cole’s character shines through in this last episode. I adored the way he remains forever faithful and optimistic, despite the mountainous challenges life presents, by gleaming with hope. Where as Blake stole my heart, Cole touched my soul. And Kyle, her witty personality adds levity into the dark storyline with her sarcasm. Here, she matures into a woman who embraces her family.

The man with the plan…the one and only, Beckett. “Becky” is as crazy as ever, perhaps even more so.  He is incredibly tenacious in his role as protector of his brothers, family and Eve. There is much to admire when it comes to Beckett, regardless of the fact that he is a criminal and vigilante. He and Eve are quite the pair. Their passionate relationship, explosive and consuming, made for some pretty hot and heavy love scenes.

Beckett’s character underwent a tremendous transformation within this series.  From an out of control punk, to a man who takes control in steering his family on a better path, he is almost gallant in his efforts. Almost being the operative word, since his ways are felonious. I admired his loyalty, his big-hearted nature and the sheer lunacy he brings into the storyline.

Eve is the perfect match for all that is Beckett and one hell of a tough broad. I like a woman who is fearless and has big balls. She’s no wishy-washy annoying chick. Eve, like all the main characters, is a survivor. She had many tragedies to overcome and worked her way through them spectacularly.

There are some dynamic secondary characters I fell for as well, like Ryan and Dr. Hartt. Ryan’s banter with Beckett was hysterical as well as his ongoing hijinks with crazy Trish. Dr. Hartt caused my heart shatter into a thousand pieces and brought me to tears. There were some I bitterly despised - Rodolfo and Nicholas – two venomous bastards that I wanted to gut.  They both added high levels of angst and majorly pissed me off.

Debra Anastasia has a unique writing style that incorporates elements of dark humor, drama, desire and emotion. The snarky characters she created grew on me. Her tales run high on angst, and the plot never ceases to twist. I must admit there was one particular intense moment that I could not move past. My heart severely ached and was broken, leaving me with a feeling of gloom for the remainder of this read. It is a testament to Anastasia’s talents that her words affected me so emotionally. All in all, The Poughkeepsie Brotherhood was a great series and an amazing experience for me.


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