Sunday, December 14, 2014

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Its a Wonderful Tangled Christmas Carol by Emma Chase

5 Stars

Emma Chase does it again with yet another fantastically funny tale in the Tangled Series starring one of my favorite characters... Drew Evans. 

I will never get enough of Drew’s sarcasm, quick wit and devilishly sexy ways. I love being inside his head and seeing the world from his point of view.  This time, poor Drew is having a nightmarish Christmas Eve. From being stuck on line last minute Christmas shopping for Kate’s gift, to focusing on business rather than family during the holiday, Drew has lost sight of what truly is important in life. As usual, trouble surrounds him at every turn. But tonight’s Christmas Eve, and Drew has help getting his act together as he is led on an amusing journey reminiscent of the stories “Scrooged” and “It’s a Wonderful life”. 

The story fast-forwards five years into their marriage and son James is older and more adorable. Drew is as cynical and sexy as ever.  What I love most about Drew is how he manages to overcome great obstacles to right his wrongs. Yes, he messes up BIG TIME, almost ruining Christmas for his family. But when paid visits by three ‘ghosts’, Drew manages to get his shit together, learns his lesson and saves the holiday. 

My arms wrap around her, holding her against me, her head resting against my chest. And in the light of the Christmas tree, we sway in time to the music. 
Was it all just a dream? 
Honestly? I don’t fucking know. But I’m grateful it happened. Because even someone as brilliant as me needs a refresher once in a while about what’s really important. The moments that matter. And the people we can’t and don’t want to imagine living without. As I dance with the love of my life on Christmas Eve, I swear I hear the soft ring of a bell. And if you believe what that legend says, then somewhere, an angel has gotten her wings.”

Through Emma Chase’s talents, these age-old stories were twisted, refreshed and retold in a way that was funny as well as heart-warming. I love her brilliant writing style that combines romance, comedy and love. “It's a Wonderful Tangled Christmas Carol” is a great little novella, perfect for the holiday season.

Saving Grace by Kristen Proby

4 Stars 
Saving Grace is part of the Love Under The Big Sky Series, which I must confess, I have not read yet. However, I fully enjoyed Grace and Bax’s fun little romance all the same.

Grace is anything but graceful. Living in Montana, she never learned how to ski and her crazy cast of girlfriends set about righting that wrong. So off to the mountains, to a cozy yet fancy ski lodge and a sexy instructor to show Grace the ropes. What Grace finds is a hunk of a man who is much more than what he appears to be, with a British accent to boot, and holds more than the promise of a ski lesson. In Bax, Grace finds more than what she bargained for…love and romance. 

Saving Grace was a fasted paced but cute ‘love at first sight’ romance. Their story has me know wanting to dive into this series.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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