Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kyland (A Sign of Love) by Mia Sheridan

Arc received from author in exchange for an honest review

I should have seen this coming. This isn’t my first time diving into one of Mia Sheridan’s novels and I should have prepared myself for how amazing it would be. I barely survived the other “Sign of Love” romances emotionally unscathed. Kyland wrecked me. I was totally consumed and once starting the journey, there was no tearing myself away. Sheer brilliance. I loved every heart wrenching, passionate, and humorous moment. Like a puppet on a string, Sheridan owned me as her words gripped my heart and touched the depths of my soul. Kyland was so riveting and powerful, a flood of emotions coursed through me. As always, Sheridan proved she is one of the great mistresses of romance.

In Kyland, the social issues involving poverty are brought to the forefront as we see the worst of humanity. How the poor are neglected, barely surviving within society. The only glimmer of hope our main characters, Kyland and Tenleigh, have is to win a college scholarship which would deliver them from the dismal coal mining town in Kentucky, to a brighter future. The competition is tight, as only one winner will be offered this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Both have dreams…
Both hunger to succeed…
And both are so desperately lonely yet, fight tooth and nail against their magnetic attraction.

Regardless of their circumstances, Kyland and Tenleigh mange to comfort each other and beautiful relationship blossoms.  During the worst of times, the best emerges from these characters, leaving me awestruck. I fell deeply in love with this couple and revered their fortitude and determination. Their love story was truly compelling and shall forever remain in my heart.

In a word, Kyland is beautiful. When first introduced to his character, I immediately sensed something troubling buried beneath his aloof persona. He was withdrawn, forcing himself to remain unattached to anyone. His goal was to graduate and leave his unhappy life behind, never looking back. No one, especially Tenleigh, will stand in his way.
As Kyland began to reveal himself, the deeper I feel in love. He was one of the kindest, most sincere heroes I have ever encountered. There was no limit to his love, his compassion, his sense of devotion and self-sacrifice. But once I saw the depths of his pain, what he endured for years…I was devastated. I just wanted to jump into the story, wrap my arms around him and absorb all his heartache. Alas, an impossibility, so I was left crying ugly tears and my only salvation was witnessing Kyland’s strength. I did have moments of frustration when he basically turned both the storyline and Tenleigh’s world upside down, but I savored all the angst. His agony may have dragged me through hell, but sent me soaring into the heavens when seeing the man he had become…all in the name of true love.
I adored sweet, innocent Tenleigh. I love seeing the world through her optimistic eyes. The way she struggled to win Kyland’s affections, adding light to his gloomy world, tore me to shreds. She was unselfish and so loving, I was absolutely CRUSHED when her heart was shattered. Tenleigh, however, was resilient. And I was overjoyed seeing her gentle, forgiving nature battle against the odds in trying to heal Kyland.
True to form, Sheridan penned another spectacularly sizzling read. She built such an intense level of sexual frustration, the anticipation frayed my nerves to no end. Sitting at the edge of my seat, waiting…craving for the moment their passion erupts. Then BAM, an explosion so fiery (and beautiful) it was scrumptious. Kyland, regardless of his character’s young age, was all Alpha-male insanely hot.
There’s just so much I experience when reading Mia Sheridan’s novels. Her flawless detailed writing style, the way she develops her characters, intriguing plots and the passion she evokes - stirs my emotions each and every time. But beyond the love stories, I believe, there is message being conveyed. A common theme laced throughout her novels, and to me, that message is HOPE. All of her characters struggle greatly, but never loose sight of their faith whether conquering obstacles such as abuse, judgment, a disability, oppression, or poverty. And there lies the beauty. This author addresses serious social issues, magically spins a web and gives birth to some of the most beautiful love stories. Each one a gift, and I look forward to visiting more wondrous worlds created from the imagination of Mia Sheridan.


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