Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Play ~ Stage Dive 2 by Kylie Scott

Play ~ Stage Dive 2
ARC received from author in exchange for an honest review

4.5 Outrageous Stars

Play is a lighthearted, hysterical romance that had me laughing out loud at the cyclone that is Malcolm Ericson. It is the perfect read if you are in the mood for some great fun and crazy antics that will make you chuckle as much as it will make you swoon.  Get ready for Mal, he is definitely a larger than life character you will quickly come to adore.


Mal is the drummer for Stage Dive.  On a chance encounter, he meets Anne, a broke and down on her luck type of chick.  As soon as they meet, a whirlwind begins.  He’s domineering, pushy and forces himself into her life uninvited.  In a blink of an eye, he moves into her apartment, claims her as his woman and slowly seduces her into his bed.  Anne doesn’t complain, she can certainly use the company (for she is a lonely soul) as well as some financial support.  But, what Anne least expects happens; he lifts her spirits with his hysterical outlook on life.  Dude is certifiably crazy, but so easy to fall in love with.

“Hello, Anne’s clitoris. It’s me, Malcolm, your lord and master.”  

Oh, god, no.” I covered my face with my hands. “Please don’t.”  

 Shh. This is a private conversation.” He brushed hot feverish kisses up and down the lips of my sex. My stomach tensed so hard it hurt. 

“Look at you all pretty, pink & excited. Don’t worry, I’ll look after you.”  

"If you don’t stop talking to my vagina I’m going to kill you.”

~See what I mean? He totally cracks me up.  I freaking love him.

However, his laughter is partly a rouse.  Mal’s holding on to some serious secrets.  And these secrets carry with them much pain.  It’s up to Anne to break through and offer Mal comfort.


Play was a fast paced and steamy read. I thoroughly enjoyed witnessing Anne and Mal fall in love. I only wish the story was a bit longer in order to further explore their relationship on a deeper level, for the story ended a bit abruptly. Regardless, it left me looking forward to seeing  more of them in the next installment.


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