Friday, April 11, 2014

The Innocent Liar by Elizabeth Finn

3.5 Stars

Arc provided by author in exchange for an honest review

Elizabeth Finn delivers a love story filled with suspense and drama.  Fiona and Eli, a couple burdened with secrets, are forced together and bounded by lies.  Fiona (an alias assumed to cover her tracks) lands smack in the middle of Eli’s workshop and life.  Eli, a man riddled with guilt traced back to his horrific childhood, is not one that can cope with deception.  When these two come together, they create explosive fireworks in the wood shop and in the bedroom.

Fiona finds her life turned completely upside down and forced to live on the run.  In order to survive, she assumes a new name, a new life, and a job set up by Eli’s dad.  Eli is quick in sensing Fiona’s deception.  Not one to pussyfoot around, he calls her on her lies and is constantly denied the truth.  It’s difficult for him to accept her dishonesty and it’s frustrating the hell out of him.  And with his temper, he does not deal with it well.  Regardless, the attraction is overwhelming. Both Fiona and Eli can not deny their desire. But will the shadows from their past come to light and rip them apart?

Fiona was a likable character.  You can’t help but feel bad for her given the situation.  Except for two men who are desperate to help her, she is basically alone with no money, no home and no hope.  This is where Eli enters her life.  However, instead of offering comfort, he added stress to her already dire state. It takes a while for him to come around, causing more tension in an already anxious Fiona.

Eli managed to piss me for most of the story. He really was a total asshole to Fiona and his employees were no better.  These men became quickly aware that Fiona was in a tough spot being homeless, hungry and desperate. Instead of offering security, they acted a bit immature, like smitten high school boys, when vying for her attention. Eli although forcing himself to assist her, was the main culprit.  Eventually, his character softened towards Fiona, and he quickly wormed his way into my good graces.

But despite all the lies and obstacles, Eli and Fiona fall in love.  Secrets begin to unravel and their attraction can no longer be denied.  Overcoming a mountain of struggles, they both deserved their wonderful happily ever after.

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