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Tethered by LD Davis

Arc provided by LD Davis in exchange for an honest review

5 Magnificent Stars

“The long invisible tether tightened. I knew who was coming without having to look. I could feel him. My eyes always find him and he always finds me. I stopped questioning it long ago.”   ~Donya, “Worth the Fight”

I was left dangling with only my suspicions as to who was the mysterious, sexy man embracing Donya.  Who was behind the force that tempted her to consider crossing the fine line between right versus wrong? Finally, we discovered Emmet, Emmy’s brother and Donya’s childhood friend.  “Tethered” is Emmet and Donya’s tumultuous love story and be warned, their erotic tale is definitely a tearjerker.  I was misty-eyed during most of this read and absolutely adored every second of their impassioned journey.

I am convinced LD Davis is the QUEEN OF ANGST. She possesses such great story-telling talents and is a master when it comes to weaving a tale laced with intense emotional drama.  “Tethered” held true to the promise of being just as angst filled as her previous “Accidentally on Purpose” publications. I became so engrossed in their love story, I could barely part with my kindle. (Aside from the times I was so infuriated and overwhelmed with the desire to fling it against the wall). It was one of those books where I became totally captivated and loved every frustrating, agonizingly gut-wrenching moment. One read was not enough. Before putting my thoughts to paper, I needed to revisit their lives again.
Now, I had some misgivings about being drawn into yet another one of LD’s nail-biting love triangles. My emotions are still reeling from the roller coaster ride I experienced thanks to Luke and Emmy’s poignant love affair. My heart could not take a story line paralleling “Accidentally on Purpose”. But gratefully, “Tethered” was an amazing story all on it’s own and managed to twist my emotions in a different, more agonizing way. Rest assured, this was not your typical love triangle, and I was relieved.

Aside from the whirlwind of emotions you experience, “Tethered” was exceptionally arousing. Emmet was lusciously handsome and mouthwatering delicious. Jam-packed with sizzling hot scenes, which soared off the charts courtesy of Emmet’s possessive and alpha ways.

This was so much more than your boy meets girl, insta-love romance. Emmet and Donya shared a history, and their connection began during their childhood. Almost instantaneously, they were inherently shackled to one another. Destiny joined their souls together, but their free will tore them apart. For two people who were devoted to one another, their lives somehow led them down a destructive path entwined with sorrow. But despite all that they suffered, I savored the sweet tender moments Emmet and Donya shared. It was a wonderful, sentimental story.

I fell head over heels in love with Emmet’s character. He was a sweet, tenderhearted young boy, who grew into a handsomely sexy and charming gentleman. So wise beyond his years, he understood the special life-long connection he and Donya shared. For Emmet, Donya was more than an ‘adopted’ member of his family. She was his other half, who was tethered to his heart, body and soul. And to witness their relationship beginning and their love blossoming was amazing.

“How did you know I was here?”He shrugged. “Just a feeling.”…“I could…feel you,” he said carefully. “I can’t explain it. Sometimes I know…I just know you’re close by and sometimes I know when you’re not. I knew you weren’t. I knew you weren’t very far, but you were…out of my reach.”

Donya’s character, though likeable, perplexed and exasperated me.  For a girl so in love, she managed to sabotage their connection and push Emmet away.  There lies the difference between them. Emmet puts Donya at the forefront of his life, where as her priority is her fledgling modeling career. Emmet was willing to sacrifice all to be by her side, his future plans for law school, his internship, everything.  Donya was unyielding. I can’t fault her however; she was too young and needed time to discover herself while finding a way to convince Emmet not to derail his future plans. Her solution was to let him go. And as such, her sacrifice was the one of the first of many mistakes, which led them down a road filled with separation and heartache. But all the while, through the twists and turns their relationship weathered, they still felt connected by the tether, which bound them together.

“I love you,” I said, when I released him. “You make me happy even when things are dark around me. You bring me your light, Emmet.”“Whatever is inside of me is also inside of you, baby,” he said, touching my heart.... “We’re connected,”I finished for him and put my hand on his heart.“Even if I’m not near you, I know you can look inside of yourself and light those dark places. As long as you know I love you and I am yours and you are mine.”

My sympathies lie with Emmet throughout the entire story. OK – the guy made some really, really dumb-ass mistakes. He had the gift of piss poor timing in certain situations, which pissed me off big time. He was guilty as well of making terrible decisions, which caused them both to despair. NEVERTHELESS, his heart was always sincere and his love for Donya was undying.  I was heartsick when he was left broken. I was sad for Donya as well, but Emmet owned my heart and I felt his torment. LD’s writings have a way of sucking you into her tale that you have absolutely no choice but to feel her characters emotions.  And my feelings were TETHERED to Emmet. Oh, and the fact that Emmet was a dominatingly bossy sexual fiend with an insatiable appetite for desire. That made me fall in love with his character all the more ;)

“I love you, do you understand?” he asked hoarsely…Finally, I nodded. I understood. This was going to hurt both of us when it was all over, but I didn’t think either of us could stop if we wanted to… Then he straightened up and with one swift thrust, he had buried himself inside of me. I cried out and braced myself against the glass. The streets below were still filled with people celebrating. I felt like if any one of them looked hard enough they would see me, naked, wet, and happy and sad, pressed against the glass as Emmet thrust his beautiful engorged cock in and out of my pussy. Breathing heavily and groaning, Emmet turned my head at an angle so that I could kiss him as he slid in and out of me…“You will always belong to me.” His words sent me over the edge suddenly, screaming his name as my pussy clenched and squeezed at his cock…“No one else will ever completely own you,” Emmet growled in my ear. “I am the only one who will ever completely own you and you are the only one that will ever completely own me. Do you understand?”“Yes!” I screamed as he punched his cock into me violently. “Always yours. Always yours.”

So, after years and YEARS of blunders, challenges, mistakes and misery, Emmet and Donya relationship finally came full circle.  They could no longer deny their love. And the beauty of their story is in how they found their way back into each other’s arms. Seeing their pain only made their reunion so much sweeter. I was overcome with joy when Emmet and Donya FINALLY achieved the happily ever after they deserved. 

It doesn’t matter what the road looked like or how many times it branched off, all roads led to the same destination. It doesn’t matter how we got here. We were destined to be here and we would have arrived no matter what route we took, and even if our respective roads did not always parallel, we were always able to find each other. That line between us was always present, linking us to each other on every level no matter where we were. That connection will always be present.We will always be tethered.

“Tethered” was a fantastic read that I highly recommend.  Although it can be considered a standalone, I would suggest reading the entire series to truly appreciate the world and lives of all the characters LD Davis created. (Loved seeing Emmy and Luke involved in the plot). Her writing style is touching and highly sensual.  Her storylines are mind-blowing - a perfect combination of angst and sizzling passion. I loved it and look forward to LD’s next publication.

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