Monday, April 20, 2015

One to Save by Tia Louise

I really need to catch up on this series. Derek is one hell of a sexy Alpha and I fell in love with him in the first installment, One to Hold.  One to Save gives a glimpse into the continuing story of Melissa and Derek’s passionate romance. Tia Louise did not disappoint in laying out a storyline filled with steam, mysteries and angst.

I just go weak in the knees and all swoony when a hero goes above and beyond the pale to protect his woman. Derek is my kind of knight in shining armor. Sexy, domineering and possessive, nothing will stop him when it comes to Melissa’s wellbeing. He would move heaven and hell to assure no harm comes her way. Derek stands in the line of fire to eliminate all threats at all costs…to the point of sacrificing himself for her and their child. Guarding her from danger, Derek manages to wound her heart by keeping secrets. Information that he holds near to shield Melissa has affected their relationship. Not disclosing certain information creates a rift between this couple, endangering a happy future together.

I can’t fault Melissa for being upset with Derek’s intention to keep her in the dark regarding what lengthens he went through to protect her. But sometimes given his business, certain actions are necessary. Melissa has a tendency of taking things to an extreme and causing excessive drama. She’s stubborn and unreasonable in creating more hurdles for this pair to overcome, hurting Derek needlessly in my opinion. However Derek remains strong. The intensity of his love for Melissa is heartwarming. He is true and dedicated. That’s what I admire about his character aside from all his sexiness - his overwhelming commitment to shield his lover and family, especially given Melissa’s background.

I enjoyed catching up with this sexy couple. Derek, as usual, was alluring and charming. One to Save was a quick enticing read jam packed with hot sex, drama and suspense. I can always count on Tia for a deliciously spicy tale. 

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