Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Awaken by Nina Lane

Arc provided by author in exchange for an honest review
5 Amazing Stars 

Reading “Awaken” was a bittersweet experience.  It felt as if I waited AN ETERNITY for the conclusion of Professor Dean and Olivia’s love story.  Now that I read it, and consumed each beautifully written word, I am saddened that it is over.  The only consolation I have is that I can revisit their lives at anytime, courtesy of my trusted kindle.  I will definitely put this series on my must “re-read” list.

My husband doesn’t just love me. He knows how to love me. He knows what I need and when I need it, sometimes even better than I do. He knows how to unfold all the tight, rough parts of me and smooth them out with one glide of his hand. He knows how to prove that he—and only he—understands every crevice of my soul. He knows how to remind me that I am forever safe within his heart.

“Awaken” is a passionate romantic tale of two imperfect souls joined together to create the perfect love.  Professor Mc-hottie Pants, Dean West, is sexy as all hell.   His sizzling pillow talk coupled with explosive erotic sex scenes is down right panty melting.  He can be gentle, yet seductive, sensual, dominating and commanding.  Totally yummy.  Each time he calls Olivia “my beauty”, he makes my heart both race and swell.  Dean’s eloquent way with words touched my soul.

“You don’t know that I started believing in impossible things after I met you. Maybe a person could slide down a rainbow or taste the clouds or count to infinity. Why not, if there was Liv in the world? The stars shone brighter, the colors of the world became more vivid, everything was clearer, happier, better. All because of you.”

Facing difficult times, Olivia and Dean are dealing with their emotions from a recent miscarriage. To make matters worse, Dean is facing accusations of sexual harassment from the infamous major bitch face, Maggie Hamilton. With his career in jeopardy and the future unknown, Dean is forced into temporary leave from his professorship. Leaving King’s University behind, taking a position as an advisor on an archeological dig in Italy, he is far from the one person that can give him comfort.  While apart, Liv and Dean agree to relive the early days of their relationship and “court” one another while falling in love again. Dean - a knightly, faithful servant will “woo” Liv, his commanding exalted mistress.  This adds a bit of fun and sweetness into their lives and acts as a distraction to all the outside forces trying to pull them apart.  Dean’s display of affection proves how his love for Liv is all consuming.

"You knocked my heart right out of my chest. Sent it up to the stars. I looked at you and thought. “I could fall in love with her.” I didn’t know that I already had.  I’m going to kiss you for a long time tonight."

Being separated geographically, they manage to get by with loads of hot phone sex, erotic texts and kinky skyping – FUN! 

I feel him in the world, a powerful, unyielding presence who will forever be my shelter of safety and warmth. And because of that, the distance between us doesn’t seem quite so vast, and my aloneness not quite so alone.

"Soon you’re getting on your knees in front of me...Naked except for tight cotton panties that rub against your pussy. You’re going to squeeze your pretty tits together so I can push my cock between them and fuck them. Thrusting into that tight, damp valley all the way up to your throat."

Liv, never wanting to be apart from Dean, struggles.  But it is during this separation that she re-invents herself and rises to the challenge of becoming a stronger, more independent woman. She is prepared to stand along side Dean upon his return and together they will conquer all obstacles.

“Beauty, you make me want to stop time so I can look at you forever.”
Although Dean alone is enough to tickle your girly bits, it was Olivia’s character development that had fascinated me.  In the first two books in this series, Olivia was emotionally fragile and broken – evoking Dean’s inner protective alpha side.  Here, Liv’s persona has transformed.  Symbolically, if Dean is the foundation that holds up their relationship, Olivia is a faithful pillar, bearing its fair share of the weight. Olivia’s strength blooms and flourishes under his care.  There is a mutual feeding of the souls – Dean fortitude aids in uplifting Olivia, while Olivia keeps Dean grounded.  Realizing not all things in life can be under his control is a difficult task for him.  His obsession and weakness is Olivia, and he would do anything to assure her wellbeing.  Olivia’s new found mettle and fearlessness carries him through the uncertainties of his job, dealing with fears of parenthood and Liv’s witch of a mother while assuring him that she has the power to overcome any challenges. It was a wonderful watching her take the lead and become the glue that holds their relationship and Dean’s sanity together. 

“Olivia West. My best friend, my wife, my girl, my key to everything good, my beauty…”
I am absolutely in love with Dean and Olivia. Their story touched my heart in so many ways – bringing me laughter, joy and sorrow. They were deliciously sizzling yet heartwarmingly mushy. This series is a MUST READ for true fans of romance. “Awaken” was perfectly written in dual point of views, which gave me the insight to both characters.  Nina Lane is an excellent writer who stirs a various array of emotions from her readers.  Even though I hate to let the Spiral of Bliss series go I look forward to more great stories from this author in the future. 

Olive you berry much


  1. Ang, I LOVE THIS REVIEW! I want to print out the collages and put them above my computer. You captured Liv and Dean so perfectly, and you understood everything I was trying to do in the story -- from the hotness to the sweet fun. That means more than I can express. And I love that you picked out Dean's "knocked my heart out" quote, as I could just picture him sitting there writing that email to Liv. <3 Thank you again so much for your love and support! ♥♥♥

    1. Thank you for the opportunity and for such a great love story <3