Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Until Trevor by Aurora Rose Reynolds

4 out of 5 Stars
ACR provided by author in exchange for an honest review
“Until Trevor” is a light-hearted romance story about opposites attracting.

We first encountered Asher’s sexy brother, Trevor Mason, in “Until November”.  Trevor is a hot, super sexy, out going type of guy who gets a round.  Having his fair share of women, he follows a “no strings attached” policy in his relationships.  His main focus is on the family business and sowing as many wild oats as possible.  Settling down is doable...but not in the near future.

Liz is an introvert.  She’s quiet, painfully shy at times, and mainly keeps to herself.  She and Trevor developed a friendship.  But once realizing Liz's feelings became a little more amorous than friendly, Trevor dropped totally out of her life.  His absence hurt Liz. Because of his withdrawal, she can no longer trust him with her feelings, none the less her heart.  

Trevor finally comes to the realization that Liz is his “one and only”, and in all his caveman ways, works harder than ever to win back her trust and own her heart. Their road to a happily ever after is paved with some drama courtesy of crazy ex’s and family members, but they find the time for some sizzling steamy sex along the way.

I liked Trevor and Liz’s love story.  He is a macho-alpha hottie. But I have to say that so far, my favorite Mason brother is Asher.  Happy to see him and November involved in the story line as well.  Let’s see if Asher can hold the BEST MASON BROTHER title against the next in the series with Cash’s story.

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