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Worth the Fight – Accidentally on Purpose #3 L.D. Davis

5 Angst Filled Stars
There are very few love triangle books or series I’ve come to love. The AOP series is definitely one of them. These books were highly erotic and very emotional. They were filled with such angst, at times I wanted to destroy my kindle out of sheer frustration.  Needless to say, it was that moving.

The story told in “Worth the Fight” mirrored the first installment, but in Luke’s POV.  Now, I usually have a problem with alternate POV’s. To me, it seems as if most authors “cut and paste” the dialogue, regurgitating the same conversations and situations, not bothering to make the story interesting what so ever. Reading most of them was a regretful experience, leaving me disappointed. What L.D. Davis managed to do was amazing.  Same plot, same cast of characters, and yet – a new and totally different feel to the story, with the add bonus of bringing it forward.  Being inside Luke’s head felt as if I was reading it for the first time. Well done L.D.

Please note there are spoilers below if you have not read “Accidentally on Purpose”.

Luke Kessler fell in love with Emmy. In return, she broke his heart and played him for a fool. Her infidelities left him angry and shattered.  To nurse his emotional wounds, he left his job behind and returned home to Chicago to start over and open his own law practice.  Over a year later, the last thing he expected was a message from Emmy asking to meet, and sharing the fact that he had fathered a beautiful baby boy.  Realizing Emmy had left Kyle Sterling (AKA the other man AND her boss) for good, they re-start their lives together as a “quasi” family.  In the beginning, Luke had a hard time reconciling with Emmy.  Their relationship was just a necessary evil in order for him to be a part of his son’s life. He could barely tolerated Emmy, and she was constantly walking on eggshells.  

Luke was not used to this ‘new meek Emmy’. Her change in character and night terrors convinced Luke that she suffered something terrible at the hands of Kyle.  He learns later that Kyle had indeed broken her - physically and emotionally. Now, he is determined to find out what happened and to fix her broken spirit.

As time passes, Luke and Emmy’s relationship begins to blossom and the love that was buried deep inside has rekindled. I was ecstatic over these two reuniting. My heart ached for Luke and I resented Emmy’s character for hurting him so deeply. I always felt they belong together. Never wanted Emmy with Kyle because, well, he is a rotten slimy bastard. What he did to Emmy was reprehensible and frankly, unforgivable. (Note: Although I despised Kyle Sterling’s character in AOP, I did fall in love with him towards the end of his story “Worthy of Redemption”). Witnessing Luke and Emmy fall in love again, marry, and become a family was heartwarming. Luke is magnificently sensual and downright romantic. How can you not fall in love with a man whose privates are referred to as “a monster”?  It’s impossible. 

Married life presented it’s own challenges and dramas.  But, Luke’s strength carried Emmy through the rough patches and together, they fought to overcome all obstacles in their path. They restarted their relationship both battered and broken from past emotional injuries, but they battled against the odds to heal one another. Emmy is his, and will fight “to the death” for her. There is no denying the fact that Luke is madly in love with her.  And this time, he will let nothing and no one stand in his way.

"Worth the Fight" was an absolute 5 star read for me.  It was the perfect blend of romance, passion, angst and drama.  This is saga was quite a rollercoaster ride and most certainly worth the read.  LD’s writing style was outstanding and I look forward to the next sequel in this series.


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