Saturday, January 25, 2014

Unraveled by Jen Frederick

3.5 Stars
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review 
“Unraveled" is a sweet love story about a widowed, lonely girl falling for a broken hearted, befuddled Marine.

Samantha, “Sam”, is utterly lonesome. Loosing her husband, a soldier in the US Armed Forces, at such a young age left Sam stuck in a life better suited for an elderly woman.  When Will passed away, Sam’s world remained frozen in time. Aside from dealing with her despair, she was shouldered with guilt, heartache, emptiness, and a grieving mother-in-law.  It was too much for her to bear, until one evening she caught sight of a handsome Marine on leave.

Gray, a Marine unsure if his future should continue on the same course of serving his country, or make a new life for him self as a civilian. In order to sort himself out, he takes an extended leave, hoping to find the answers he is searching for. Instead, he finds the furthest thing his heart desired…Sam. And when they meet, sparks skyrocket…Until Gray quickly learns about Will.

Sam and Gray are the perfect dysfunctional couple. Sam is ready to start living again, yet is finding it hard to let go of her life with Will.  Gray is struggling with both deciding about his future and moving on from a failed relationship scarred by infidelities.  Of course, his unfounded fears led him to do something incredibly stupid, losing Sam’s trust – but it was fun seeing how he overcame his ridiculousness in order to win back Sam’s heart.

Unraveled is a quick romantic read written in dual POV’s. I would have liked more interaction and dialogue between Sam and Gray as opposed to their inner thoughts.  Their courtship seemed a bit rushed, but I enjoyed their romance and witnessing them fall in love.

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