Thursday, October 3, 2013

Unforgiven by Elizabeth Finn

Arc provided by author in exchange for an honest review
5 of of 5 Tearful Stars

Unforgiven is one of the most emotionally driven, gut wrenching stories that I have ever read.    It is a tale of pure anger, raw hatred, sheer guilt and unconditional love. 

One night of fun changed the entire course Bailey Trent’s life. In a single moment, she has lost friendships, severed relationships, suffered unimaginable losses, destroyed families and broken hearts.  Her life, which once held a bright and promising future, is now consumed by grief, sorrow and hopelessness.  One mistake cost Bailey Darren Cory, a boy she adored for years.  And in that one moment, Darren’s feelings of love for Bailey turned to utter hatred.  I can’t go into details as to what destroyed their lives. I won’t spoil how the plot unfolds. The beauty in reading Elizabeth Finn’s masterful tale of two broken hearts lies in the journey from the revelation of Bailey’s transgressions, to placing the broken pieces of their lives back together.

Unforgiven has an interesting story line.  Following the point of views of both Darren and Bailey from their pasts to there present day life.  Each flash back explains the events in their current lives. 

Their Past - Dare and Bay’s relationship is filled with true love and friendship.  Having difficulty expressing their feelings, they play a WORDS game to voice what's in their hearts.  Bay loved Dare for as long as she can remember.  Dare does have feelings for Bay, but is so afraid of ruining their friendship. They are cute together, happy and fun loving …yet, can these two be destined to share a life together?

Present Day 
We are first introduced to Bailey as she tries to rebuild her life.  She lives a lonely and miserable existence in a small town with only her mom and her best friend by her side. All others loathe her.  At one point I wanted to scream…GET OUT, LEAVE, and MOVE ON.  But, I believe Bailey needed to stay in order for her to heal…. to atone for her sins and to deal with her guilt.  With out closure, there is no future for Bailey.  My heart goes out to her, Bailey’s actions were purely accidental and were not done out of malicious intent.  Her story made me teary. 

"I hate you, I really and truly hate you....
But...I still...Stay.
Convince me not to hate you because...
because hating you is the end of me."

Darren is a cruel, hateful person, but has a legitimate reason.  From where he stands, Bailey’s heinous actions were responsible for all his bitterness and changing the entire landscape of his life.  Darren's character reminds me of “two-face”.  On one side, he abhors Bailey and takes every opportunity to make his feelings clear.  On the other, he can’t let go of his love for her, begs her to stay just when she found enough courage to pick put and move on to start her life some where else.  Bailey is the key to freeing his pain.  But he just can’t figure out how to let her in.  Darren’s conflicts nearly tear him apart, taking Bailey with him.  Her presence is a reminder that he is capable of love and not solely driven by venom.  

But, UGH!  I wanted to smack him with my kindle for most of the book!  He was the most infuriating character. 

In between all the angst and conflicts are some of the most erotic loves scenes I’ve ever read.  Darren, you are so masterful and very talented with your fingers, dude.  And oh…I’ll never, never, ever look at my electric toothbrush the same way again ;)

"Incredible...Stunning...Intelligent. Sweet. Loving...Arousing. Consuming. Exceptional...Forgiving"

"Can I tell you a story? About a little girl who had a crush on a boy once - a very, very special boy.
 ...But that little girl made a mistake - the most unforgivable mistake and she destroyed the
only man she'd ever loved and had ever wanted to love."

"You will always be my world"

I truly enjoyed this story and seeing how these two broken souls try to find their way back to each, other as friends and as lovers.  Darren and Bailey move on from the past and learn to forgive one another in hopes of finding a future together.  Reading their story touched my soul.  This book is a definite MUST READ!

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