Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Night Owl by M. Pierce

4.5 Nocturnally Sinful Stars  

So, I decided to check out “NIGHT OWL”, the latest book everyone’s talking about. Being curious, I grabbed my kindle, loaded it up and – BAM! The intensity of this story lured me in like the proverbial fish on a hook.  I was savagely devouring each word. I LOVED it and could not tear myself away. It took me a while to mull this one over and formulate cohesive thoughts, because this story evoked so many emotions for me.

Matt Sky, a best selling author writing under the alias M. Pierce (hmm), meets Hannah Catalano on-line while collaborating on a story. He is a sexy, temperamental and mysterious man.  Hannah, also a writer, is a beautiful, sweet, fun loving girl. While working together, Matt puts in place several stipulations on their “relationship”.  No sharing personal information and under no circumstances will he reveal the fact he is the M. Pierce.  All is well and they are focused on their work until Matt stumbles across a photo of Hannah. 

Sad things seem truest to me

"You are always deceiving me," she whispered..."Always, Matt, always speaking to me from any mouth but your own. Don't you know that I love you? I see you under all your lies, and I always find you."

The more Matt interacts with Hannah, the more things get personal. Matt becomes obsessed and desperately needs to connect with Hannah - learn everything about her. Eventually, his boundaries are crossed and their telephone conversations turn into sizzling phone sex scenes. But, their relationship is forbidden and Matt’s constant need to hear her voice, is tearing him apart. Trying to remain emotionally detached from Hannah becomes taxing. All bets are off when she moves back home to Colorado, right in his back yard. As destiny plays its hand, these two finally meet. And then, all hell breaks loose.

This book contained extremely hot, extremely erotic scenes.  Matt and Hannah get-it-on, and fast.  From scandalous public displays affection to blindfolding, ball-gagging spank fests, this couple is HOT and extraordinarily kinky. Rawr…

You’re my slut...”

"You don’t give me pleasure, do you understand?  I take take it from you.”

“Hannah, God. Do you want this? Feel what you’re doing to me."

'Best sex of my life: bent over a desk and belted'

'...a hole in his life that should not be filled.  It was over, and it could not be over because he could not forget. She would become all that emptiness. In that, there was a comfort.
Nothing lasts forever, and nothing ever ends.'

Aside from the sexually provocative story line, there is a lot more going on. This story is multifaceted. Matt was one of the most interesting literary characters I have ever come across. When we first meet Matt, he was a rude, cocky bastard.  His mysterious and dominant ways allures Hannah like a moth to a flame. But, as his arrogance fades, it is clear that Matt cares deeply for her. His dominant characteristics barely scrape the surface of his persona. He is vulnerable, neurotic and has deep emotional issues. His soul bares so many secrets and he has difficulties dealing with the guilt for starting their relationship.

Matt is very sensitive (No, the crying after the shagging did not bother me.  Real men cry…. Gideon Cross and Christian Grey’s shed tears did not diminish their alpha-male personalities - neither does Matt’s). He’s extremely introverted, paranoid and secretive. Matt craves anonymity and control. He cannot cope without these mechanisms in place. If exposed, he will fall apart… and he does.  It was gut wrenching witnessing Matt lose everything and his world shatter.  He becomes a prisoner in his own mind, a recluse. Decimated and alone, Matt turns back to old habits and his life is in turmoil.

"I think I've always loved you," I whispered. "I felt something since we met, since we first started writing together. It was like I had loved you without knowing you, and the love was in me, waiting to happen. So you can’t apologize, Matt. It's you I love. There's no why about it."
Hannah is Matt’s "little bird". When Matt’s world spirals off it’s axis, it is Hannah who heals him. She loves Matt fiercely, and it is that love that gives her the strength to forgive. Despite the obstacles that lie in their path, Hannah over comes the hurdles and takes Matt under her wing. Her will is strong and she has the ability to piece their lives back together. 

With out revealing any of the plot, I will say that, for me, there is a fair amount of symbolism in this story: 

The Rabbit:
Matt’s pet, Laurence, is a lovable bunny. To me, Laurence is also extension of his character. Like the rabbit, Matt is timid, fearful and reserved. 

The Manatee:
While Matt is ill, Hannah gives him a stuff animal manatee. A rather odd gift to give and Matt develops a strange attachment to it.  He goes nowhere without this talisman. Manatees are gentle, loving, trustworthy and peaceful creatures.  Much like the presence of Hannah in his life.

Oh the epilogue…. there’s another conundrum.  Can’t say much about it with out spoiling the twist ending.  You’ll have to read it to believe it or… not.  I, however, have several theories formulated about it’s meaning and what’s to come… I highly recommend reading this sensual, mysterious tale and join me in the long wait to see what the future holds for Matt and Hannah.

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  1. I was hooked the minute I started reading this. Definitely can't wait until book 2 comes out.