Sunday, November 10, 2013

Working it by Kendall Ryan

3.5 - 4 Stars
Arc provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

Kendall Ryan’s “Working It” is a quick, very erotic read.

Emmy left her home in Tennessee, headed to New York, and started a new life and career.  Now, she’s working as an assistant in a modeling agency, for a first-class witch. Her job has its challenges and does nothing for her self esteem.  Fiona, a wicked shrew, takes great pleasure tormenting Emmy day in and day out.  Emmy’s bright side in all this drama is meeting super model Ben Shaw.

Ben, the agency’s top model, rules the runway.  Gorgeous women constantly flock to him, but it is Emmy that catches his eye and he is smitten.  Ben needs to have her, possess her, and sexually claim her.  However, he has major obstacles. For one, Ben and Fiona have a complicated relationship and a murky past. Secondly, he has commitment issues.  A naïve country girl like Emmy is not one nightstand material, but that does not stop Ben from perusing her. Ben’s plan of attack is enticing Emmy through overtly sexual texts. Oh yes, these two are really good at sexting.

It is in Paris that these two start their steamy love affair.  Ben is off the charts HOT and extremely talented in the boudoir....Oh là là! Emmy falls fast and hard, but fears she will end up broken hearted.  Ben develops feeling for Emmy, but the two struggle under the scrutiny of the nefarious Fiona. (Fiona, hope someone drops a house on you).

Emmy and Ben

I liked Ben’s character. Aside from his hotness factor, he is a sweetheart.  Despite his proclamations denying he is not boy friend material, he proves otherwise.  In my opinion, Ben is the victim in the tale.  Fiona’s scheming affects Ben’s happiness and love life.  She saw an opportunity and took advantage of him.  I can sympathize with Emmy’s heartache, but Ben is the injured party here.  I preferred reading the story from his point of view. He’s sensual, humorous and straightforward.  What’s not to love?

Emmy was a bit of a challenging character for me.   She tends to be flighty at times, not giving Ben a chance to explain his circumstances, and jumps to conclusions too easily.  It was difficult for Emmy to deal with Ben and his celebrity status, but she needed to be stronger.  She constantly suffered from “weak-knees” and “trembling hands”.  She spent too much time inside of her head and I wish she were less judgmental towards Ben’s past. I would have preferred less of her thoughts and more interaction between the two. More time dedicated to their burgeoning relationship. That being said, these two were involved in some hot and heavy situations.

My favorite character was Braydon, Ben’s buddy and fellow runway model.  He’s gorgeous, sexy, funny and sports an apa…wow! Hmm....warning, there’s some hanky panky going on between these three. For me, Braydon’s was the highlight of the story. Would like to read about his escapades...more of Braydon AND his special piercing ;)

Sexy Braydon

The story ends is a bit of a cliffy with some loose ends dangling.  I’m eagerly waiting for the next installment to see how Ben and Emmy’s relationship grows.


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