Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fantastical by Kristen Ashley

Noctorno “Tor” Hawthorne, hot prince and bad ass warrior saves poor Cora Goode (Cora the Exquisite) from the vickrant’s talons sent by the evil witch Minerva. A lonely girl from Seattle that mysteriously finds herself in a world straight out of a disney cartoon movie and involved in a curse! Tor and Cora are two halves of a whole, souls parted that are destined to be together, their love story was written in the heavens. They become part of Minerva plot to cause chaos throughout the lands. Fantastical is a lovely romance story with a major steam factor (oh yeah... these two are hot together). I adored Tor, he’s handsome, valiant, courageous and funny. 

This story ends in a CLIFFY! Leaving me craving to find out what is in store for their world....kingdoms unite, the players and battle fields are set and the witches are pooling their powers together...I can not wait to see what happens next!

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