Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Edge of Always by JA Redmerski

ARC provided by J.A. Redmerski in exchange for an honest review
4 out of 5 drama filled stars
Truth be told, I was a little apprehensive about reading "THE EDGE OF ALWAYS”.  "THE EDGE OF NEVER" was such a profound, emotionally driven tale, I wasn’t sure if continuing Andrew and Camryn’s story would hold the same level of excellence.  In the end, I am delighted to see the road these two have travelled.  



The story flowed quite nicely, alternating from each of their POV’s, but was a bit slow paced.  It started off sweet, portraying their lives after Andrew’s recovery, somewhat settling down, and on the road to bliss.  But, as fate plays a hand, heartbreak falls onto their path. 

Cam becomes devastated, leaving Andrew determined to heal her the only way he knows how…. Road trip!

Their journey to healing Cam and Andrew dealing with his own demons was a lovely story, but it did not hold the angst element as the first installment.  However, I liked the way Cam’s character grew, the way she matured, learned from her mistakes, sought closure and dealt with her misfortunes.  I loved the strength of Andrew’s persona.  Dealing with his own hardships, Andrew looked deep within his soul to find the courage needed to be Cam’s rock.  As always, it is Andrew’s love and fearlessness that heals Camryn’s broken spirit.  These two compliment each other, and they are a perfect couple in every way.  And most importantly...Andrew is HAWT!

“You’re everything to me, and I want you to stay strong and not let your  fear of the past taint the path to our future."

“Our story is over, but our journey isn’t, because we’ll always live on the edge until the day we die."

In conclusion, this is a story about unconditional love, finding inner strength, self-discovery, facing fears, and learning to command one’s destiny.  Like Orpheus and Eurydice, Andrew and Cam’s story is a “tragic tale of true love”. They are “two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl” that are destined to be together. They are indestructible.  

I highly recommend “Edge of Always" and it was a good read, even though I would have preferred the story to hold a tad more excitement and intensity. I was really happy to see their HEA and a possibility of a spin-off series.

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